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Mercy Over Justice?

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    JaninaAiraReyesposted 20 months ago

    "Luke 6:36 Be you therefore merciful, as your Father also is merciful"

    Can you cite some instances wherein MERCY BECOMES ABOVE JUSTICE?... I dare youuu

    1. Oztinato profile image82
      Oztinatoposted 20 months ago in reply to this

      Modern civilised justice is tempered by mercy. This principle has directly evolved out of the teachings ofJC and the new testament. Justice is tempered by mercy thousands of times a day in courts all over the planet. Law as we know it evolved directly from the Bible. The idea of compassion is essential to any true civilization.

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        JaninaAiraReyesposted 20 months ago in reply to this

        I kind of disagree.
        Justice is according to the laws. And justice is something similar to revenge. (Revenge from the victim to the offender.) Isn't it in courts, we follow the law?

        And mercy is tolerating wrongdoers. That is to say that the 'offenders' wouldn't learn their lesson and eventually commit sins again. Is there compassion in any of these?

    2. Paul K Francis profile image81
      Paul K Francisposted 20 months ago in reply to this

      It is not about mercy being above justice; it is about mercy complimenting justice. I agree with a previous commentator who says that justice is tempered by mercy. Mercy prevents justice from becoming vengeful. It prevents mob rule. It prevents cruel and inhumane punishment. Mercy nurtures opportunities for redemption, and perhaps at times, even forgiveness.

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        JaninaAiraReyesposted 20 months ago in reply to this

        Well said! So, it is like balancing mercy with justice so that there will be adequate results for both parties which are just.

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      Credence2posted 20 months ago in reply to this

      For Jehovah God, mercy comes even before judgement, the only thing even higher is love, itself. If we all received the Judgement we deserved, we would not be speaking to one another now. It is only upon his mercy and grace that we continue to exist as he waits for all to come to repentence that will....

      For us mere mortals, a good judicial system tempers justice with mercy. Mercy being consideration for extenuating circumstances. I.E. The death penalty is not applied to those whose crimes were committed prior to their 18th birthday. When we punish people under the system, every effort is made to be sure that justice was impartially applied and commensurate with offense. IE, people should not be spending 20 years in jail for possession of small amounts of marijuana. First time offenses vs multiple involvement should be looked at and considered when sentencing or fining.

      The point being that the two, mercy and justice, can compliment each other rather than contradict each other.

  2. ahorseback profile image48
    ahorsebackposted 20 months ago

    The perfect example of mercy over justice lies in our entire justice system today in America .  Too much leniency  ,  beginning in the mid 1960's  there has been an increasingly lenient   punishment of all crimes  throughout our  system .    Including  systematic  leniency in areas of state and federal government supervision  . ie.   OSHA  ,   wall street crimes , etc.      However  , these same leniencies  apply to  youth crimes , inner school disciplines  etc.

    We live today in a mercy  over justice cultured environment ..

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      JaninaAiraReyesposted 20 months ago in reply to this

      Too much leniency, indeed. That's why the cases of crimes increase.

      Tolerance of intentional/unintentional wrongdoings or opportunity for redemption(as Paul K Francis said)?

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    JaninaAiraReyesposted 20 months ago

    Well, I have read an excerpt of Shakespeare entitled 'The Merchant of Venice' wherein I find the antagonist (named Shylock) pitiful because it looks like he was bullied by the Christians in order for him to lose everything he loves(daughter, wealth, religion).

    The protagonist got his own justice, but there was neither justice nor mercy for Shylock.