How do I go about helping a Spirit Cross over...Is it part of the empath's job?

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  1. profile image54
    chochang7763posted 11 years ago

    How do I go about helping a Spirit Cross over...Is it part of the empath's job?

    Hello, everyone. I have just become an Empath lately and I have a question...I can not necessary see spirits ...I can sense their feelings 2 times more powerful then it would a normal empath...OR so I Have been told ...

    And my guide has told me that now that my abilities are quickly growing to an dormant power inside me that I have to learn how to do the job of helping a spirit cross over to the other side.

    How do I go about the transition because I can't tell my parents who are firm Christians and if it is something paranormal they  would think im Loony....

  2. profile image0
    BRENDA 7posted 11 years ago

    I think your job is going from just feeling them to guiding them. I hope you have your own rituals for protection, cleaning ect.. You will need a protocol for this as well, every being is different, so every case will be , some will take more empathy , time , understanding, convincing. Others were just waiting for someone to take their hand. Oh and not every soul crossing pays homage to the same spirits, and they all have different names in different languages for GOD. So respect and knowledge of all people will open you up to more spirits you can help. What a beautiful gift !

  3. makanaka profile image60
    makanakaposted 11 years ago

    you probably need to try and communicate with them.Enhance your ability by using crystals such as lapis or amethyst and they may actually talk to u through dreams!good luck

  4. rosesinsnow profile image61
    rosesinsnowposted 11 years ago

    I have done this several times.  Working for hospics is one great way to learn and ask your guides to work with you. This is very rewarding, not only for you but for the person leaveing. Read my site about my mother who just passed on christmas eve. 1. Meditation, 2. ASK your guides to lead you. 3. Read, One good book that I am still reading is called, The ART oF dying, by Peter Fenwick and Elizabeth Fenwich. You can find it on . Good Luck, I would like to here about your progression.

  5. profile image49
    Blaa Blaaposted 8 years ago

    Ghost busting WOW!!!!! I am  a practicing Catholic so I can identify with the 'O M G ' stated by you being from a firm christian background and am cautious with what I speak about when it comes too the after life and spiritual beings but here goes. My culture is New Zealand Maori and I am from a long line of healers and seers and what we call Tohunga's or in some cultures we are called Sharmens or Witch doctors.

    Lets identify 'spiritual beings', Genesis 6: 1-4 speaks openly about the creation of children from human daughters and sons of gods or in latter text, spiritual beings. I believe this opens the possibilities that some people, maybe whole races are breed with supernatural powers and have been hidden away, only to be exposed to the 20th and 21st century where the world would be more accepting to their gifts as we have seen with past generations that fear has driven many to hunt and kill those who were seen as different, example: WITCHES OF SALEM. Some things cannot be explained scientifically so fall it too the unknown and that is where fear comes from and then destruction. Lots of spiritual people have feared their coming out for many reasons and LOONY is one of them, but thank god there is more of a understanding and acceptance of people that are sensitive to the unseen (ghosts). Spirituality usually is provoked by a trauma in childhood and is followed by a serious of incidentals like for example, surviving drowning.These common denominators in ones personal life can be the triggers that open up your mind to what all people maybe capable of exploring in certain strengths and that all people are spiritual but have lost contact with this because science cannot provide a logical answer for why some people can be Empath and society has condemned this behavior as being wrong as well as having origins from the devil, even though the bible talks about prophecies and healing and spiritual beings.

    I realize three years have passed since you asked this question so I am hoping you have developed your gift that god has given you to enjoy and you have learnt how to help lost spirits cross over or let go of their earth bound presence. In some cases the spirit just doesn't want to leave and who are we to say where these spirits are better of.

    Good luck on your journey Chochang and may god keep you safe, god bless and just remember, ALWAYS KEEP YOU SAFE, some of these spirits are not nice and are not of the human kind.



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