How is 2012 associated with meditation and the chakra system?

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    knlub2posted 8 years ago

    How is 2012 associated with meditation and the chakra system?

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    beermugworldposted 8 years ago

    In my experience and knowledge there is no major direct correlation between that "2012" date and the chakra system.

    The chakra system is mostly based upon your inner energies and life forces.

    One possible and lose connection could be the calenders that the 2012 end of the world date theory is based on. Both the Myan and Hindi calenders end around that date. That is where most of the theories come from.

    I recently published a hub about the chakra system if you would like to learn more.

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    parag5posted 7 years ago

    The  year  2012  is  properly  said  a  start  of  a  period  of      "Shift in consciousness". The Consciousness is the innate quality of humans of what they really are. All along through the centuries you can see the human consciousness is evolving i.e. we are moving towards discovering our own individual selves , who am i ? what am i here for ? .In turn you can see more and more people are turning to spirituality. This is said as "Shift in consciousness" , according to proper studies experts are saying that we are moving towards photon belt and our center of earth will coincide with the center of the galaxy. For a common man it means that we are moving towards high energy region in space, hence the term 'shift'.
    In this high energy,meditation will become easy since the energy is high and as we move towards this region all the negativity will be washed off this planet.Chakra are nothing but energy vortices relating to certain characteristics of a person. As it would be possible top get into meditation easily, our energy level will rise are these vortices will be attuned to proper frequencies. To understand this , one must properly understand the Chakra system which is nothing mystical rather scientific. Maybe in the future I'll make hub for Chakra system.