why set the one you love for death?

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    whispers of faithposted 8 years ago

    why set the one you love for death?

    if i loved someone so much and knew that if they crossed the street theyll get hit with a car i would not let them cross the street. so why if god loved us so greatly would he create us if he knew we wouldnt live. an all merciful God would not set us up for failure. we choose our own path because of free will but god knows what we will choose whats the point of making us knowing we're not going to choose him

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    Marcus D Maysposted 8 years ago

    OK, first I want to try and explain it for you, see GOD loves what HE created, when HE first made man and woman HE made them to live forever, and all that HE asked is for us to worship HIM and to obey HIS commandments.
    What went wrong, it didn't go wrong in the Garden of Eden, it went wrong in heaven first. And the end result happen on earth. The devil that GOD created set this rebellion in motion when he questioned GODs' right to rule in heaven and man on earth, and some of the other angels listen to him. And GOD allowed this rebellion, but while they was rebelling GOD had a secret plan that HE was working on and this plan was Christ.
    See Christ came to redeem us back to the Father, and He did this by becoming a sin offering for us. Christ when He died He open the way for everyone to get to the Father only if we believed Him.
    Now everyone have to pass this test, the test of acceptance can you accept the fact that GOD gave His son for us. Yes The plan was for Christ to die but not us, but did Christ really died. No He can not died cause life is in Him. But He put to death sin, in a flesh and blood body. This is the true love that GOD has for us humans, we just have to accept it and keep His commandments.

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    writesketchbeadposted 8 years ago

    Do you have children? I know that is not exactly what your asking about but I have brat of my own. I love her tremendously. Some days she angers me. Some days she makes me laugh. Some days she gets hurt. I am very much aware of how the world works. I know how people like to judge and riddicule. I know I can not protect my daughter from that. I know she can be hit by a car crossing the street. I know in this day and age she can even be shot while learning her multiplication tables in school. I was aware of all this before I had her. I knew being a parent would mean a diffferent kind of suffering. The suffering of watching a child grow, learn, make their own dissisions even when I know it will hurt them, and so much more.
    God is called our Father in the Bible. Our 'birth' was planned. He knows and knew before he even began. I do not assumed to know his thoughts. But if I do not regret my child, why would he regret me. I have faced my share of pain and suffering. I still have a long road ahead of me. I do not hate God for my existance. I hate so much about this earth and the way we choose to treat each other. But there is a lot I love. If God had not created us becouse of the pain we would bare and cause- then the love and great things we are capable of would not exist either. My daughter some day may hate me. She may see something that I have done as a great harm to her. That is a pain I am not sure I could bare BUT I wont regret my decision to have her. We have a tendancy to see all the bad and ask 'WHY, LORD?' Why don't we ask 'why' about the other issues- the good. Or 'why' about the small things like a smile or the rather large dog who thinks it is a lap dog and wants to cuddle.
    I suffer from severe depression, yet even in that pit I am aware of all the great things out there. I may not appreciate them becouse my body is too busy hateing itself but it does not change the good things. I can't even say I want to change the bad things in my life- ofcourse I am not in a slump at the moment but even misery has led me to some unexpected places- great places. God knew that when he created me. He loved me enough to create me despite the times I have cursed him, ignored him, disobeyed him... Ofcourse, he also knew about the times I would praise him, about the times I would help others, about the child I would care for, about my off key singing...

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