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Why does it always feel like Christians are beating you with their bibles when y

  1. Absent Seraph profile image55
    Absent Seraphposted 8 years ago

    Why does it always feel like Christians are beating you with their bibles when you ask for advice?

    christians scare me... it just seems like the response is so angry, god is the way, that's why you're having a hard time. this imaginary being can make all your cares go away. i get that. whatever gets you thru. i'm tolerant. it just seems tolerance is a word christians are unfamiliar with. am i alone in this? it makes me terribly sad...

  2. Mikel G Roberts profile image80
    Mikel G Robertsposted 8 years ago

    I agree, they seem very close to fanatical. I think Christians have come to believe in the 'bibles' more than in God. These same bibles are full of inconsistancies, and lots of them are starting to see that. The people that ask Christians things about religion are usually asking about the inconsistancies they have found in the Bibles. The descriptions of God in the Bibles are descriptions from people (flawed people), that are to us cavemen... They have a caveman's view of the universe and of God, and the linguistics of a caveman...
    Humanity has progressed beyond them now and that is a problem for the Bible thumpers.


  3. Unchained Grace profile image59
    Unchained Graceposted 8 years ago

    As one who has been a Christian for many years, I can tell you that many start throwing scriptures around in an effort to hide behind them.

    It is neither caveman linguistics nor inconsistencies. It is the lack of faith and understanding within the person you're dealing with. I am one who actually gets "turned off" when people start getting weird and fanatical about things when they feel "put on the spot." Quite honestly, there's no call for that mess. They gotta quit using the Bible as a shield to cover their own indiscretions and quit viewing it as an assault weapon. That, by the way, represents some of the major reasons the term "Christian" has caught a bad rap over the years.

    As an example, Unchained Grace Ministries and Holy Truth Temple of Deliverance supports six homes wherein both veterans and nonvets live whom were previously homeless. We've got way too much to do in terms of responsibilities to these people to be running around with some cultlike fanatical attitudes. Get with those of us who have been getting it done and you won't hear nor see what you've been discussing. None of us have the time nor interest in it.

  4. oldhead1942 profile image53
    oldhead1942posted 8 years ago

    Well, I think you have been dealing with the wrong types of "Christians".
    Check out freedomfellowshipofpittsburgh.org  or ffop.org.
    This is one group where you receive teaching on the "Grace Message."  What you do with the information (enlightenment)
    after you receive it is entirely up to you and how the Spirit leads you.
    God Bless
    Good Luck

    O   H

  5. MHilbert profile image62
    MHilbertposted 8 years ago

    I'm a Catholic, and I don't think it's fair to generalize all Christians as being fanatical and intolerant of others although I do agree that spouting off Bible verses doesn't help anything when Christians are trying to get their point of view across. No person is perfect, but I believe that if you want an example of what it means to be a true Christian instead of looking at the hypocrites that are Christian in word but not in action, you should look at individuals like Mother Theresa who are completely selfless and have given their lives to serving the poor and sick with a sense of humility.

    It does bother me that some believe that if you are not a Christian (or even if you are a Catholic) that you are going to Hell. This is crazy to me because many people in history like the Native Americans were never given an opportunity to know Christ, and others like Hindus and Muslims and Jews were raised, just as I have been, in their own faiths, and we are basically conditioned from birth to believe that our religion is THE true religion. The God I believe in is a God of mercy and love, and it's up to Him to judge a person's soul, not me or anyone else. And I truly believe that if a person loves and is selfless, regardless of what religion they are that in the end they will be with God.

  6. M Cassian profile image56
    M Cassianposted 8 years ago

    I agree with Unchained Grace and MHilbert. The procedure that "baby" christians tend to ascribe to is usually the only one they know. That is throwing scripture at you. This is because they might be in an infancy stage of their own faith (which is not dependant on how long they've claimed to be a christian) and haven't yet had the whole truth revealed to them.

    I believe it was a Catholic Priest that said this, "Preach the Gospel; if necessary use words."

    If you go to a christian for advice, and he or she starts telling you that you're a sinner and essentially starts beating you into the ground with scripture, he or she is not giving you advice. When you seek advise, you're inquiring of their wisdom, not their conviction. If you keep getting the "conviction" response, you're asking the wrong christian.

  7. shiva tattva profile image53
    shiva tattvaposted 8 years ago

    It reminds us that things havent changed since centuries smile , still ppl believe it works ..A foolish number game.

  8. profile image0
    loisryanposted 8 years ago

    There are Christians and "so-called" Christians.  I am a Christian and I do not beat my Bible.   I am the type of person who realizes that she is not perfect and will continue to sin.  Being a Christian does not mean to be perfect and judge others for when they may mess up.  The "so-called" ones tend to have a Holier than thou" attitude and tend to be highly judgemental of others.   To me it  means having a relationship with God and Jesus.

  9. Faybe Bay profile image75
    Faybe Bayposted 8 years ago

    I hope all of your answers have made you happy. I am only answering because I am so sorry Christians have made you sad. I know how you feel as it has happened to me also. If you ever want advice I will give it, without spouting scripture. I don't beat my bible, although I am a Christian. The problem, my brother says, is we tend to go all What would Jesus want you to say, and that is not what you asked for when you asked for help or advice.

  10. profile image0
    brotheryochananposted 7 years ago

    I find life quite restful now. God takes care of my needs. God gives us rest from the strife of life. I don't worry about any of the stuff i used to worry about. This life of god is abundant.
    Before christ my life was opposite.
    The only true answers i can give a person are bible based. So if they ask me i have to be truthful, therefore they will always be bible based answers because my life is bible based.

  11. RevLady profile image60
    RevLadyposted 7 years ago

    I agree with Unchained Grace. But I also think many Christians sincerely believe they are providing support for their advice by quoting Scripture, though some, of course, go to the extreme, and still others take Scripture out of proper context. 

    What makes me sad is that when situations as you described occurs, the result oftimes is that ALL Christians are then perceived in a negative light.