Do you think if you were a sensative,you could pick up on paranormal activity,or

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    debbemackposted 8 years ago

    Do you think if you were a sensative,you could pick up on paranormal activity,or see and feel things

    Extra sensative people can pick up on a demonic presence, warm head stones on cool days, or when something evil has happened somewhere.

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    MPCooperposted 8 years ago

    To answer your question everyone is susceptible to paranormal activity. The only thing that interoperates these events is our brain. Commonly an individual will divide "right" from "wrong," or "good" from evil." Thus leaving themself with an answer to the "paranormal activity" experience. Generally these experiences are foreign to the individual(s) involved, which leads them  to believe that the experience is from an evil source.
    It is not uncommon for entities, whether living, dead or undead to commune with an individual  in any means possible to get their attention. There are two ways to deal with these types of occurrences;
    1.    If you are a non believer of the eternal soul than simply ignore this experience, or attempt to scientifically explain the event.
    2.    If you are a believer and you have excepted that this event has happened either consciously or unconsciously, than it is your best interest to understand that you are in power of your own vessel/body. There is no reason for you to fear harm from any entity unless you have accepted that they are stronger/more powerful than you.
    I hope this helps...

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    eludingsanityposted 8 years ago

    Yes, of course, a sensitive can pick up on paranormal activity and see or feel things. Sensitive's are actually, people who can sense or even feel what the spirit is feeling at the moment of contact. As a sensitive myself, I have even experienced what a living person was feeling, through talking to them on the phone, reading what they wrote or seeing them face to face. There have been many times, when I was watching the news and saw a sad story of someone dying and their loved ones left behind, when a stong feeling of sadness overcomes me and I feel a presence in the room.

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