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can i loose my salvation

  1. TexasTornado profile image61
    TexasTornadoposted 8 years ago

    can i loose my salvation

  2. Can do it profile image56
    Can do itposted 8 years ago

    It is said in the KJV Bible that there is a sin unto the death. (Essentially, cursing the Lord). If you have repented, been baptised and follow Jesus your saved. If you go back to your old ways, it is obvious you didn't truly repent so you didn't get saved in the first place. The Lord sees into your heart.
    Those who believe and teach "Once saved, always saved are deceiving themselves and those preaching it are sending people to Hell. One thing about Christanity - Your either in or your out. You can not pick and choose. Bible is the worlds biggest IF book. Lord continually says "If you'll do this, I"ll do that" He loves us but leaves it up to us to choose life or death.

  3. Riveneye profile image60
    Riveneyeposted 8 years ago

    Because we are given a free will we are not condemned instantly. It's up to us o choose where we will go. But becuase God is merciful we get second chances. If we sin, then repent and do that same thing again. It doesn't mean we're going straight to Hell.

    The point is that as long as we make the effort to turn away from sin, ask for forgivenss, and make amends for what we've done. We can be saved. But if you keep sinning badly till the day you die and not asking for forgivness before death... Well you don't have much of a chance. You will have salvation if you do not die with a grave sin on your soul.

  4. Dave Mathews profile image60
    Dave Mathewsposted 8 years ago

    If you are a Christian believer, seriously believing in Jesus Christ, believing that through his crucifixion and resurrection, if you confess your sins to Him and repent of your sin, that Jesus will and has forgiven you. You are saved, for all time.

    The only way for you to then lose your salvation is if you denounce Christ, and blaspheme against God's Holiness and His Holy Spirit, thus accepting Satan.

    In   MARK: 3: 28-29 Jesus states:
    Verily I say unto you, All sins shall be forgiven unto the sons of men, and blasphemies,wherewith soever they shall blaspheme:   But he that shall blastpheme against the Holy Ghost, hath never forgiveness, but is in danger of eternal damnation:

    This is the only sin that is unforgivable by Jesus.

    God Bless,
    Brother Dave.

  5. terced ojos profile image66
    terced ojosposted 7 years ago

    I think your answer is contained in your question.

    No you cannot "lose" your salvation but you can certainly "loose" your salvation.

    I am saying you can consciously make a decsion walk away from your salvation.