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Sophisticated sin: Are Christians White collar sinners while unbelievers are Blu

  1. gracefaith profile image75
    gracefaithposted 7 years ago

    Sophisticated sin: Are Christians White collar sinners while unbelievers are Blue collar sinners?

    The modern Christian is adept at rationalising themselves out of sin through the use of reasoning and airs and graces. Unbelievers are seen as self- satisfying children of wrath when they conduct the very same sins. Is there a double standard. Is there a hierarchy of sin based on spiritual class?

    If the White collar criminal is the sophisticated criminal of our society, while the Blue collar criminal is the common, dispiccable offender, then the modern Christian is the sophisticated sinner and the non-believing is the vile perpetrator of gross immorality.

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  2. Judah's Daughter profile image80
    Judah's Daughterposted 7 years ago

    What is the difference? One is forgiven (believers) and one is not (unbelievers).  NO ONE is good enough by his own merit.

  3. HOOWANTSTONO profile image58
    HOOWANTSTONOposted 7 years ago

    All sins are forgiven, its what you do with this knowledge, that makes you a believer or doubter.
    All are the same and all remain sinners, but its those that know their sin is covered by the blood of Jesus Christ, that are released from their bondage, and freed from judgment from God.

  4. aoiffe379 profile image54
    aoiffe379posted 7 years ago

    When I consider the idea of sin I do not see black or white,big or small..God has rules; and He has placed them in a manual called the Bible. Whether or not one reads the manual is irrelevant. The rules are there,just like those for traffic.Run a red light and it may cause you millions of dollars in injury and maybe even imprisonment for vehicular homicide. At another time, you may escape the law or think you did because of no negative consequences.

    As far as God is concerned,He finds sin offensive. In Isaiah 1 He says that if your sin is as scarlet or crimson,He can cleanse it. All you have to do is confess it. God does not deal with His creation unjustly. He is a just God and does not respect any person.Everyone is chastised for sin. Often people think sin is what we do. That is correct; but it includes what we neglect to do.

    Everyone has a conscience; and though some may not listen to it ,conviction has a voice.Three stories I like and regard as favourites are:
    the woman caught in adultery
    the woman at the well and
    the thief on the cross.
    They speak of accusation, secret sins and public  punishment with an acknowledgement of sin. Everyone falls within these three groups.All sin and need the compassionate mercy of God.

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