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what are the ways of life and i belive in god but why did every day g0o bad for

  1. hejustme0610 profile image53
    hejustme0610posted 7 years ago

    what are the ways of life and i belive in god but why did every day g0o bad for me so far what...

    the heck,lol

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    aheilposted 7 years ago

    I do not believe in god (I will lowercase that) and my life is going great!

  3. greatipadbuy profile image56
    greatipadbuyposted 7 years ago

    It will help if you can specify a little bit more on what is going wrong with your life? Believing in God doesn't necessarily mean that your life will be trouble-free. But if you practice your innermost beliefs, you will become wiser and able to face anything : )

  4. wmatthew profile image61
    wmatthewposted 7 years ago

    Hello, I am not sure exactly what the issues is, but I would like to provide my experience as a hope for you and your relationship difficulties.  One of my struggling questions in life was how to have a real lasting relationship with the opposite sex.  My whole family is full of divorces and I personally was not married and had poor relationships at best.  I finally came to church and asked told the Pastor I had problems in life.  I was not given any short term, quick fixes, but I found people who were having successful relationships to hangout with and I learned commitment by committing to the church and found a true relationship with God.  For me the reason I had unsucessful relationships was because I never committed and only God showed me the error of my ways, because I was to blind to see why I was having unsuccessful relationships.  In a church you learn to have unselfish relationships, not based on any selfish gain.  First with God and then with people.  So, now I know their is a God, because previous to comming to church I could not see how to have successful relationships, because they were about what would I get out of them. Now with God I can give and serve women, not just looking for what I could get out of relationships.  Hope this helps.  Godbless.

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    SpaceAgeposted 7 years ago

    i'll share from my own personal experience;

    i was abused by my drunken parents, who had another kid die in their care from the same abuse i miraculously survived. w/ my mom as the most abusive, she'd tried MANY times 2 kill me. there were some times during my very early infancy where God had helped/instructed me what 2 do 2 fight off my abuser during a life-death struggle. no 1 was around 2 help, & it was up 2 me 2 fend 4 myself. this is where God kicked in & helped me & the struggle ended in 10 min. i had 2 fight off my abuser all that time b/c no 1 was around 2 help. i couldn't scream, b/c she kept trying 2 choke me. when she tried 2 break my fingers, i had 2 focus on what i was doing so i could survive. i cried & such, but i had 2 focus on herew & now. it didn't pay 2 scream when my life could b snuffed out in a second. i had no choice but 2 fight; & WON due 2 God's intervention. had i not listened 2 God, i wouldn't b here 2 tell it. i survived 13 yrs of hell b4 the cps rescued me. i L8r learned of the confirmation of my sister i sensed was missing; my mom told me about her, but lied about it. it was in my early adulthood i learned of her & what happened. i can say that i was very lucky 2 survive what killed my sister. i'm glad i never had broken bones like she did. i'm also glad that i wasn't as severely starved as she was, tho yes i WAS starved enough i had 2 ask the school 4 an emergency meal when i felt my body shutting down suddenly on my way 2 class. when i told them what happened, they fed me & called my parents. i'm glad i didn't get in trouble, but they started feeding me breakfast. had i not left @ 13 w/ the cps services (after i squealed) i'd b dead. i lived 2 tell it & i won't shut up as my parents wanted me 2 keep quiet. the secret's out & there 2 b heard. secrets MUST b told