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Many people say that 'We're suppose to accept people as they are' when the perso

  1. Sapphireid profile image65
    Sapphireidposted 8 years ago

    Many people say that 'We're suppose to accept people as they are' when the person is proclaiming...

    Alliance to the Gay & Lesbian lifestyle. What are some good scriptures and what other information is beneficial for counteractions?

  2. Darrell Roberts profile image72
    Darrell Robertsposted 8 years ago

    If a person thinks that a gay person is committing a sin, then they should hate  the sin and not the sinner according to scripture (Bible).  Love and pray for the person if you really are about love and not being judgemental. 

    According to ancient scriptures we are not supposed to eat meat, get intoxicated, gamble, and have illicit sex: where illicit sex is having sex without the intentions of having children that will be devoted to GOD.  (Vedas of India)

    Even with that said, according to the srciptures, the number one thing we are supposed to do is to love GOD with all our hearts and minds bodies and souls.  Therefore, there should be no time or room to worry about who is gay and who is not unless you yourself are perfect in the eyes of the creator. 

    I just wish them the best.

  3. Belmo profile image56
    Belmoposted 7 years ago

    For one to even ask this question means that there is no sense of self in the asker, as they are trying to define themselves and their beliefs by another's actions.

    If you are a christian then you know Jesus never spoke on this topic, but his elder jews did.  The same jews that hated Jesus for forgiving and accepting all of life as a glorious platform to evolve.

    Later the followers of Jesus turned his freeing message upside down and mixed regulations into the following.

    Here is a question for you.  Why do you need to judge another's choices in order to be one with God?  Did god not lovingly create the all?  Would you judge the sun for being too hot?

    Each person is god, each of us are pieces of god, so judging another is judging god.

    There is a difference in removing one that may be causing harm to others, from society, but we are still incapable of judging them.  This is why all the great teaching say, do not judge.  It is an impossibility to judge another through our own life experience.

    Gays & Lesbians do not have a lifestyle, as if they are alien, they are part of humanity with a life to enjoy, just like you.

    It often perplexes me how churches and religions define themselves, by judging others.  Dont they understand that without their ideas of sinners, thieves and wrongdoers, they would not be able to define themselves and what they believe!  Without someone or something to point their fingers at, they would have no idea of who they are.

    In my opinion religions should be thanking all the people they condemn in the name of god, so religions have something to do.

  4. ooopsss profile image59
    ooopsssposted 7 years ago

    what psychology say about homosexuals..
    and my opinion is hate the sin not the sinner!

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