As God is only one and nobuddy relation with him and jesus is messenger of God

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    mriazdawposted 7 years ago

    As God is only one and nobuddy relation  with him and jesus is messenger of God then how said...

    son of God its mean God has relation but in Quran mentioned jesus is only messenger and after that Muhammad PBU is last prophet how to clear concept of bible.

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    terced ojosposted 7 years ago

    Islam is a Pagan religion. One of many practiced by the tribe of Qureysh of whom Muhammad was a member.

    Muslims and Christians do not pray to the same God.

    The star and crescent moon is the flag of the tribe of Qureysh of whom Muhammad was a member.

    Every Arabic tribe had its own flag and symbol and they all worshipped several deities.

    Allah is not the word for God but is one of the Gods that the tribe of Qureysh worshipped.

    When Muhammed through murder and war united the Arabic tribes they were forced to accept the religion that Muhammed had created.

    The criteria for the office of a prophet in the bible is that if a prophet tells you anything that does not come to pass then you are to stop listening to that prophet.

    Muhammed predicted a victory in a battle and his followers were severely defeated and Muhammed suffered a bad injury.

    Muhammed was not a prophet of God but was the mastermind of his own religion which he used force to install.

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    Shahid Bukhariposted 7 years ago

    Read the third last Chapter, of Glorious Koran ...Titled, "Sura Ikhlas"... and you will have the Answer to your Question, in The Word, of God.

    ... Unless, you want me to make a Statement, which embitters the Christians, among whom, are many Correctly Believing Believers ... this day ... I refuse to make such a statement.

    But, if, what you ask, is a Politically motivated Question, I cannot entertain you ... but it tells me ... who, you are ...