We need Prayers and help for travel for a mission trip from Uganda to USA.

  1. Taabu profile image55
    Taabuposted 7 years ago

    We need Prayers and help for travel for a mission trip from Uganda to USA.

    Dear Friends in Christ
    I am General Overseer of Great Hope Ministries in charge of 46 Churches in Uganda-Africa. I have been invited by our ministry Partners to USA who have worked with us on supporting Orphans, churches: preaching, training pastors, speaking in conferences, and designing informational and educational materials.
    But since March we have been praying & raising for the trip but till now we do not have enough funds for return tickets for the family. We need prayers and financial support for this trip to be a reality. more information please let me know or visit www. takeheart.us

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    micadeoluposted 7 years ago

    May the Lord supply all your needs according to His riches in glory. May He bless you abundantly and show you light in your dark channels in Jesus name amen.

    Dear friend, have you consulted God in this matter? Is it really the will of God to embark on this trip? If it is God's will, then rejoice because He will surely create a way where there is no way. And remember, every miracle performed by Him in the days of old (even now) were performed when all hope had been lost.

    He never moves you when you still have your legs.
    He will never feed you when you still have surplus.
    He will never bless when you still have a token to give.
    And he will never perform a miracle when you can still workout your strategies.

    It is after you have exhausted your resources that He will arise and move mightily for your cause.


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    Taabuposted 7 years ago

    Friend. This has been a journey we prayed for and asked God questions, he answered with miracles and we still expect more though we feel we have to share with fellow brethren.
    1. Getting funds for visas for the entire family was a miracle, we got money from two brothers one in Japan and another in France. We have never met these two brothers nor do they even know each other, one is my wife's friend at Linkedin and one is my friend at face book.... and both had similar last names: Adams

    2. When we moved into the US Embassy to ask for Visas, I feel we did not have all requirements according to the stands i.e we did not have a bank statement, but only the invitation letter from my ministry partner. We were not asked any questions but only taking finger prints and being told to pick our visas the following day.

    3. has been the strong opposition from the enemy and at each point God has been leading us to a breakthrough. we still believe that the Lord God who led the consular to grant us travel visas meant that we should go for this mission trip and we are praying as well as sharing according to his word.

    Blessings brother
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