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Who can stop the Lord from helping your ministry...

  1. micadeolu profile image44
    micadeoluposted 7 years ago

    Who can stop the Lord from helping your ministry...

    Who can bring obstructions before God's intentions to bless...
    Who can block the sun from revealing its glory on daily basis...
    Who can stop the breeze from blowing and nourish our mortal bodies...
    Who can stop the rain from giving its seasonal supplies fro God's treasury...

    Carry on my brother the Calvary work like a good soldier of the Lord that looks not back. I see the heavens open and God Himself come down and has already gone before you to the said location.

    I testify that very soon you will confirm this miracle. Please let me know when He has done this. I love to see Satan shamed.

  2. Taabu profile image56
    Taabuposted 7 years ago

    Thanks brother, I will keep you updated and yes as apostle Paul says "we are more than conquerers" because the battle is not ours it is for our God and for us is to stand and see the salvation of the Lord and testify for him before multitudes, for believers to rejoice and be encouraged and for non believers to believe and be saved. Amen

  3. Peace2009 profile image60
    Peace2009posted 7 years ago

    the only one that can stop the lord from moving is one that has a hardend heart & that does not repent when he has wronged his own brother. Do not greive the Holy Spirit it's a mogor sin.

  4. Michael Adams1959 profile image64
    Michael Adams1959posted 7 years ago

    great Question! No one can separate us from the love of God, and if no one can do that then no one can stop His glorious word from going out

  5. noturningback profile image76
    noturningbackposted 7 years ago

    The only one who can stop us from delivering the gospel is ourselves.
    Discouragement, pride and carnal desires will arise in even the most devout believer, but through the love and strength of Christ, we can overcome and continue to spread the good news being made stronger in faith as a side effect. Awesome huh? That's the power and glory of God!

  6. twobmad profile image79
    twobmadposted 7 years ago

    The Lord is stopped helping my ministry when-
    I am too busy with my own agendas
    I am too weak mentally, physically and emotionally.
    I cannot do the ministry when there is no support: prayers, money, encouragement, and so on
    I cannot do the ministry when I am physically blocked to freely share the gospel.
    Lastly, When the Satan envies God's ministry growing and suddenly interrupts our ministry.

  7. Van Lal Hmangaih profile image77
    Van Lal Hmangaihposted 7 years ago

    No one can stop  the powerful hand of God to help us except you and me.
    God is willing to help,but the problem is do we follow?
    God is willing to bless us but do we listen to?
    Our ignorance, stubborn heart and own will can restrain the powerful hand of God releasing for us
    Of course, Satan is never quitting to hinder our ways, however as long as we can trust on God, God's power is stronger than Satan and we will be succeeded.
    In some cases, there is a time God is silent and we have to understand...