Are we really living in the "Last days"? If so, how do you know it?

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  1. daledad8 profile image77
    daledad8posted 9 years ago

    Are we really living in the "Last days"? If so, how do you know it?

    Many, christians and even non-believers, believe that these are the "last days" as described in the bible. Is thwere any proof that wwe are actually living in those times? If so, what convinces you of this? If not, why do you think so many believe it?

  2. Rishy Rich profile image78
    Rishy Richposted 9 years ago

    Studies reveal that every single civilization of every single age had the same kind of feelings. All of them believed they are near to the end. Its simply because mankind always had troubles, always faced some kind of chaos. Its a harsh truth that from the beginning of history till to this day, we were hardly at peace & had more troubled times than Golden Ages! Millions of people during the expansion of Mongolian empire were massacred...the remnants though the end is near! Greeks had the same feeling during their fall to Roman hands, Romans had the same feeling when the Barbarians started crushing them, Christians had the same feeling when the Muslims rose to power & took over Jerusalem, Jews had the same feeling when Hitler Massacred millions of them openly...But we are still here, Right??

    Its the immature mind of ours which is incapable of facing the harsh reality & at some point it decide to conclude that life can not continue like this, it must end as it has been mentioned in different religious texts! Its just our psychology & superstition. Theres no evidence for such claims. From a scientific point of view, the sun will live another 5 billion years, which means even if we get extinct, most of the universe will continue to live as its living today. From my personal view, I think our race will survive long enough to consider us as oldest ancient people & Christianity as mass hysteria or global superstition!

  3. profile image0
    ShadowKing!posted 9 years ago

    My answer is a thorough one, too long to be posted here. If you'd like to see it, go to my profile and find the hub titled "A Brief Explanatory Run-through of the Last Days". Subtitled, A Response to DaleDad8's Sincere Question.

  4. dabeaner profile image60
    dabeanerposted 9 years ago

    A realistic, non-biblical answer is:  We are all living in our last days.  For some, that may be only a day or two.  For others, that may be tens of thousands of days (depending on age; avoidance of accidents, thugs, government jackboots; bio-terrorism; asteroids; ecological 911s...).

  5. LeeWalls profile image60
    LeeWallsposted 8 years ago

    You continue to defend history and forget they were imperfect. Just look around you and the facts speak for themselves, people are killing each other at an alarming rate, wars, pestilence, famine, earthquakes, floods, lawlessness, etc.

    It's very nice to say that things will get better when you're not  experiencing the same. Do you have running water or do you have to go to a muddy river to get your day's supply? Are you in an area where people are killing each other or do you drive into your garage or park your car? Do you have enough food to eat or are you starving like so many? Are your children healthy and happy or are their stomachs bloated because of parasites? Do you have healthcare and access to medicine or do you lack it?

    And you still want to say things will get better and you stil think man will fix things and you still think it's another change in civilization? Wake Up! The only one that can fix things is Jehovah God. If you don't want' to believe that then continue believing in man's government. Aren't they about to close down?

  6. Smallrevolution profile image60
    Smallrevolutionposted 7 years ago

    For me, I take on what the Bible says "Making the most of every opportunity because the days are evil..." So it won't matter much if it were the last days if I consider every moment to count.


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