Would you take a second job if it causes you to miss church of which church real

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    qtkeeksposted 7 years ago

    Would you take a second job if it causes you to miss church of which church really lifts ur...

    spirits when u attend on the other hand the money is really needed?

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    brotheryochananposted 7 years ago

    God has his principles. He requires faithfulness and that He be first. He requires that a person attend a church faithfully. Some will argue this point, but giving God your best is really the issue. Will missing church be construed as giving god your best? I don't think so. Church, believe it or not, i supposed to be like secular school, we go and learn, edify others and ourselves, rejoice in god.. if your church is deadbeat and really does nothing for you then you are in the wrong church and need to move to another one.
    I don't miss church, i love my church, I am a pentecostal and we are fun in church, with our hallelujahs, amen brother, and long worship service. We use only the king james version of the bible and that excites me to no end lol.. seriously i love the kjv.
    Would i take a job on sunday, not on my life, ever. God can't bless you if you are breaking his principles. God will supply but he never breaks his own principles to do so, ever, and he does love to test our faith frequently. :0)

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    dabeanerposted 7 years ago

    Since religion is based on ignorance and stupidity, if you (or someone) needs to work on Sunday (or Saturday), why not?