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Why is it that fundamentalists gravitate toward right and wrong instead of socia

  1. vrbmft profile image80
    vrbmftposted 7 years ago

    Why is it that fundamentalists gravitate toward right and wrong instead of social justice?

    Let's quote the Old Testament left and right, especially Leviticus and Deuteronomy, who was a cat,  by the way, in the musical "Cats."  Forget about Jesus suggesting we give eveything away, that we sit down and have a meal with prostitutes and tax collectors,that we not judge ANYONE lest we be judged.  How do fundamentalist get so "picky" and then never let up.  That is certainly not the Jesus in the Gospels, but definitely the Pharisees who crucified him, .

  2. vrbmft profile image80
    vrbmftposted 7 years ago

    I'm asking about the Jesus in the Gospel.  Jesus' behavior!  I'm not asking about your politics or your personal views about other people's behavior.  For all we know, Jesus had very strong opinions about people's behavior, but the way we see him behave seems to be a tall order for most of us.  I'm not talking about an euphemism.  I'm talking about the way Jesus lived his life as protrayed in the Gospels.  I'm talking about the parable where everyone gets paid a penny no matter how long they worked in the vineyard.  I'm talking about the Beatitudes.  I'm talking about the story of the prodigal son where the message is that the father yearned for his son despite the son's behavior.  I'm talking about the Jesus who pitched his tent among us, which for a nomad people was quite an event.  I'm talking about the Jesus who was born in a stable, according to the Gospel.  I'm talking about the message of take nothing with you and depend upon people to provide you with shelter and food.  Remember Jesus was pumped out from a unwed mother.  I'm not talking socialism here, but social justice.  How can you get those two mixed up?  Social justice has to do with women having the right to vote, with everyone who is a citizen having the right to vote, it's about you and me being protected in the work place, private or public.  It has to do with being free to worship without the threat of being burned at a stake for whatever reason.  It has to do with taking care of aging people who are easily assessed as no longer having value to society, but on the contrary are a high priced liability.  Social Justice has to do with taking a second look at what many people consier a just war without looking at the war in its reality.  I'm serious here.  I am talking independent thinking and independent action the way Jesus was in his day.  I'm not talking Charletines, but powerful figures like Jesus himself.  I'm talkiing about the Gospel mandate to feed the hungry and clothe the naked.

    The seven practices of charity toward our neighbor, based on Christ’s prophecy of the Last Judgment, that will determine each person’s final destiny:

    Feed the hungry
    Give drink to the thirsty
    Clothe the naked
    Shelter the homeless
    Visit the sick
    Visit those in prison
    Bury the dead

    My question was not about politics, but about the Gospel,

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    brotheryochananposted 7 years ago

    Social justice is for the leaders of countries. Christians are too look after themselves and others. Hopefully enough christians look after others often enough that this grace flows over to social justice, but the two are not directly connected.
    When it comes to right and wrong these are attributes in our walk with god and a certain gravitational visitation should be welcomed. the ungodly walk in ways of wrong, according to the bible wrong these are often pointed out by christians as that is easy to do and conviction usually strolls along that path toward the unsaved sinner.

  4. SylviaSky profile image94
    SylviaSkyposted 7 years ago

    Fundamentalists of any type are driven by fear. They fear today's complicated world, and want things categorized very simply: the good things and the bad. They assign "good" to themselves and their beliefs. They imagine a glorified past and a "shining city" future -- when they get control. They have all the answers. They hope to convert or punish those who have other answers.

    Simplifying the world as they do into heroes (themselves) and villians (others) is childish and delightfully easy; one doesn't have to be smart to do it, or use facts, logic or reason. It may be as easy as being born the "right" color or raised in the "right" religion. Fundamentalists operate not rationally but emotionally, "unencumbered by the thought process."

    Fundamentalism permits people to believe that they are the only kind of people who count, and thus they do not have to be compassionate or responsible to their fellow man, even if that's what Jesus would do. (On the other hand, fundamentalists are very sentimental about dogs and puppies.)

    Fundamentalists can be rightist or leftist, and they all would be pitiable if they were not so dangerous. Their fundamental fearfulness gives them their propensity for abuse and violence.

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    Bibowenposted 7 years ago

    Questions of right and wrong are more basic than actions committed in the name of "social justice." You make the assumption that social justice is "right," but if there is no right and wrong on which to ground your plea, then your assertion that "social justice" is commendable is meaningless. The fact that there is a God and that there are standards of right and wrong give your plea for social justice meaning. Without those other antecedents, your preaching social justice is empty.

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    alohasonposted 7 years ago

    Unfortunately, most fundamentalists take the Old Testament as the "word". We do not live the "law" of the five books of the Pentateuch. In fact, many religions worldwide only consider this Canon because of it's relevance to the history leading up to the birth of Jesus Christ. Even Christ didn't agree with many of the issues of the "Law". The bible was written by man, not God...and as a Theologian and student of Ministry, I have to interpret books such as Deutoronomy and Leviticus to see what was "lost in translation". The word homosexual wasn't even a WORD in the biblical days...and the closest reference comes from the Greek Translation of the Bible, the Septuagint...and homosexual acts (again homosexual was still not a word, but one written by man) were acts of pedophilia against boys...a quite understandable translation of "abomination". We live (at least myself, and many Gay Christians) in the New Testament, the Christianity Bible, not the Old Testament or the Jewish Bible. Most right wing enthusiasts still like to pound the scripture of the Old Testament, much of which we don't even know who authored a majority of the composition. The Old Testament also contains a LOT of myth, saga, and fairy tales. Funny, as you read the bible from cover to cover, you begin with the Old Testament being very DARK and fearful....and then you come to the the birth of Christ..and it is love, compassion, and justice that is preached...very "Good News" smile. I think the Right Wing needs to focus on the words of Jesus...not that of many mythical heroes of the Israelites in the Old Testament...the world would be a better place. BUT, because the OT is IN the bible, they believe this to be the WORD of God. Jesus was amazing, and loves everyone. Uh, he washed the feet of prostitutes! Peace!

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    smcopywriteposted 6 years ago

    by gravitating toward right and wrong they can make a sound byte out of their answers as well as wiggle out of anything they may have said that doesnt sit right with voters.