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Life of JESUS tells what and what is the GODS intention.

  1. jay_kumar_07 profile image60
    jay_kumar_07posted 7 years ago

    Life of JESUS tells what and what is the GODS intention.

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    deepthiganeshposted 7 years ago

    Life of Jesus tells about His incomparable sacrifice to mankind. We need to learn patience and endurance whenever we happen to come across the people those who are ignorant about our good will and activities.
    God always loves His all people even then they have done a lot of sins in their life. He treats them as His children. He will always forgive them when they surrender to Him and pray for His apologizes.

  3. Deaconess profile image58
    Deaconessposted 7 years ago

    deepthganesh, what you are speaking of was not his life, but his death... his "life" also teaches us a lot... his compassion for others, his righteousness, his seeking to establish the Kingdom of God on earth through mutual loving-kindness... from all this, Jay, I feel, God's intention is that we have heaven within our hearts, here and now... which we can accomplish when we fulfill our God given purpose, which is why we were created in the first place: to care for God's creation.

  4. Pollyannalana profile image86
    Pollyannalanaposted 7 years ago

    Jesus was the Son of God and His life I believe was seeing what human life was in the flesh. He was about God's work but He also was a carpenter, can we imagine He spent days or probably years laboring at a job just as we do, up until His time He lived much like us but also preaching and teaching just as we should. Having a job does not mean we have no time to be a witness and I believe He showed that. Our Lord had no special treatment and although. He showed man could resist temptation keeping in the Word and obedience to God's law. His mission was to shed blood for sinners sins and Create the Church, His body, not a building, giving all non Jews (and even Jews who so chose to accept him) a place of everlasting life. The Church being a spiritual promise, the Jew an earthly one and I believe the Jews who love God and have died will arise to a  physical body. He will bring all parts back together,gather them up, no matter how wide spread the parts may be or decayed, burned, etc. Maybe God's intention simply was giving the Gentiles a place in His plan.

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