On the History Channel, I saw a portion of a piece they did on the War Scroll. D

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    marleaposted 7 years ago

    On the History Channel, I saw a portion of a piece they did on the War Scroll. Do you have other...

    writings?  How did you research and study the scroll?  I read your piece, but I'm not clear on what the Essenes wrote re the end war/wars.  Do you have a summary?  Shalom, Marlea

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    M.A.Nobleposted 7 years ago

    Hi Marlea

    I acquired my understanding from ancient writings found in Cambridge university libraries but mostly in Jerusalem libraries. The scrolls were translated and written exactly as found, much of the text was missing so the translators added their own comments to make sense of the text.  However, much of the writings were understood and offer additional information to the Biblical writings, particularly of the last days. The Essences, a Jewish community group of people, lived in the ruins of Qumran. They had a library of Halakhic scrolls, different from the rest of Judaism, indicating a group familiar with Yeshua's teachings (the teacher of righteousness).  When you read the community's scrolls it's evident these teachings came from Yeshua.  The cloth surrounding the Qumran scrolls were dated up to the year 33 of the 1st Century AD. The time when Yeshua was ministering.
    Further evidence of the link between the Essence group and Yeshua is they held their feasts in line with Hashem's original calendar rather than Judaic calender which had been altered to suit Man rather than Hashem,( Yavne Rabbis). The Essene group wrote the Qumran scrolls: Damascus Rule Scroll, War Scroll, Copper Scroll, Mysteries (a scroll about sin) Temple Scroll and copies of the Books in the Bible.

    There are books available online but written by prejudice writers. To read more on the above  look for anything on the Qumran scrolls baring in mind it may consist of variations from the truth. We are an apostate era where mankind's trying hard to discreed G-d's word and Yeshua's authenticity as Savior of the world.  I hope this has been helpful and wish you well on your research.
    Shalom Miriam