Regarding the demon question...

  1. keepitnatural profile image71
    keepitnaturalposted 7 years ago

    Regarding the demon question...

    It has most likely followed someone there, or something. I don't know who exactly but you need to try not to be so scared, it can't hurt you.
    A clearing is where negative energies are detected & removed from your home, including entities or presences of any kind. This is done through dowsing, using the floor plan, to locate these energies & your space can then be cleared for you.

  2. london55 profile image75
    london55posted 7 years ago

    Can I do it if you tell me how, it has not been so active for the last few days, but its a bedroom and freezing cold, so cold you can see your breath and the rest of the house is warm.  Its just a square 12ft by 12 ft room with a window to the front of the house as one door leading to a landing, nothing much to it.
    I am not scared for me but my daughter and her boyfriend who are staying in the house on a temporary basis, they more out in two weeks, will it follow them?