in one of you post you have said you can open someone third eye via skype!? Coul

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    rubyAposted 7 years ago

    in one of you post you have said you can open someone third eye via skype!? Could you open mine?

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    coolbreezeposted 7 years ago

    Your 3rd eye is open rudya, you dont need anyone to open it. Practice focusing on your 3rd eye. Visualize a blank screen, write a hub about your adventure. I started using this method when I was a teen. You will find other people that use all different methods. One piece of advice, Stay away from any and all of the people who claim to be opening 3rd eyes etc. You dont need them!!!   You can learn and do anything they can. 99% of them are energy suckers!

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    Jewelsposted 7 years ago

    I'm sure coolbreeze was not intending to believe I am an energy sucker, I must be the 1% who don't run his gauntlet!

    It is true everyone has a third eye, though as with all energy centres (as described and practiced through the spiritual teachings of the Hindus) these energy centres become inactive and in many cases are dormant.  Like muscles, if they are not flexed they become useless.

    The third eye is the energy center for inner vision and once activated and flexed, it becomes a useful tool in everyday activities, as well as facilitating stillness and focus during meditation practices.

    As a teacher of meditation I can help a student open their third eye.  I do not do it for them, they do it themselves through practical methodical teaching.  Nothing paranormal about it.

    For more information on the third eye, please visit my hub