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What do you think is the singular absolute proof of God's existence?

  1. bdn9385 profile image70
    bdn9385posted 7 years ago

    What do you think is the singular absolute proof of God's existence?

    A proof that will stun disbelievers and will turn into faith the entire human residents of this world we call earth... smile

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    AMBASSADOR BUTLERposted 7 years ago

    I am a living witness to the proof of GOD'S existence and I know that it will not turn into faith the entire human residents of this world called earth but it will accomplish what GOD wants it to accomplish with the greatest article on the earth which is now seen in 8 countries with 15 visits so far and will only continue to grow all around the world while the members of hubpages can not see it. GOD have kept my greatest article on the earth from your eyes hubpages members and is letting the world see it before you because they will receive it and use it for the benefits to their life on the earth. You will only reject it and Jesus said: Do not throw your pearls before swine, for they will turn against you and tear it apart. So that is the reason that you can not see this article while everyone else can see it. If by chance that you do get to see it , then it will be too late for you to do any damage to my article because it will already be established as the greatest article on the earth standing side by side with the Holy Bible. Your words of tearing my article down will have no effect upon it just like the Holy Bible. GOD have spread my article around the world through 100 percent referring sites. Now chew on that and see if it will digest into your thought process. 2. On August 1, 1982 A.D. a Sunday morning GOD shown me in a vision the other side of death. It is glorious. What you are about to witness of my article is like the Red Sea parting before the people that Moses led across dry land to the other side to escape from the Egyptians army which were pursuing them but were drown while crossing over the same spot that Moses and the people he had led crossover before them. What in the world was they thinking about that they could crossover the same spot that Moses have done and do it safely without being drowned and killed by the waters which came back down together to its normal current flow that is its usual activity in every day life on the earth. My article is the greatest article on the earth and beware how you handle it and do not let it destroy your life because it is the answer for all human beings on the earth. I have written this down as a witness and absolute proof of GOD'S existence. GOD did not give me this vision for the heck of it and is why I am still alive on the earth to write the greatest article on the earth and let the chips fall where they may.

  3. scriber57 profile image61
    scriber57posted 7 years ago

    The Universe itself. The life on this planet. The fact that we don't burn up from being too close to the sun, or freeze from being too far from it. The fact that there is the correct mixture of oxygen in the air to keep us alive, that there is the right amount of water in our bodies, not too much, not too little. The water cycle in general. The fact that our bodily organs renew themselves every 7 years. The ways animals have a cycle of eating and being eaten. We were created, there is no doubt. The animals see in black and white, we could have lived with only seeing in black and white, but we were lovingly created seeing in color.

  4. bdn9385 profile image70
    bdn9385posted 7 years ago

    To Ambassador Butler:

    Thank you very much for the answer. However, have you heard of the parable of Christ about the Light of the World? If it is the greatest article ever written that you are carrying, would you not rather let it shine in the sight of men? so that all the people may see it and give thanks and praises to God? It seems that you are afraid of rejection. A spirit that does not manifests among His Disciples. But if you can share that vision to me, then I will be very grateful!!!. I'll try not to be a swine... smile 

    To scriber57:

    Thank you very much. I am impressed!!! truly....... God Bless and More Powers... smile