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Creative people appear to be crazy? Is it true?

  1. rajan jolly profile image89
    rajan jollyposted 6 years ago

    Creative people appear to be crazy? Is it true?

  2. Gaizy profile image83
    Gaizyposted 6 years ago

    I think that they might have looser mental boundaries than non-creative people. A modern saying when looking for creative answers is "You have to think outside of the box" I think creative people spend more time "outside of the box" as it were, and some live there continuously - Which might make them appear crazy to people who have never stepped outside themselves.

  3. lemmyC profile image78
    lemmyCposted 6 years ago

    That is the general consensus, but it's not entirely true. Creative people are just being creative in their thinking - looking for an entirely new precepts. It is a logic and can be learned.

  4. Africanus profile image59
    Africanusposted 6 years ago

    Creative people are admired because they have some talent beyond the ordinary.
    If we like them, they are Prodigies (Mozart). If we don't understand them, they are Eccentric (Salvador Dali). If they are popular but not neccesarily respected, they are Wacko (Michael Jackson).
    It is only when they follow their own rules and refuse to be manipulated that they become Crazy or Subversive (JC). These labels are nearly always applied out of fear.

  5. firdousi0 profile image80
    firdousi0posted 6 years ago

    Yes it is true because creative people are extra-ordinary people, who have the ability to create something extra-ordinary. Since such people are different from common people, the common people considers them crazy. It is a common practice that abilities of such people are recognized quite late.

  6. stariswhoiam profile image59
    stariswhoiamposted 6 years ago

    I'm creative and I describe myself as crazy in the sense that I'm not ordinary.

  7. DrMikeFitz profile image60
    DrMikeFitzposted 6 years ago

    what is crazy? if you were to go out deep into the woods where no one was, and sit and observe life at where you were, after much time you would perhaps see balance and symmetry at an infinite level of creation. How is it that same principle does not apply to humans and "life in the city"? besides, since we all are "slaves" to our values and can only see things based on our "voids" and things we experienced early on in life, we can only see ourselves in others, including the parts of us we have not loved yet! you may want to love your crazy side in you, as we all have what other humans have. some things we express, some things we repress. cheers to discovering yourself!

  8. DesertRose2010 profile image55
    DesertRose2010posted 6 years ago

    If we don’t conform to the status quo, we are considered strange.  When we become passionate or extreme about our non-comformance, we are considered crazy. The public school systems, a majority of doctors, and busy working parents, all want to medicate children with psychotic medicines who don’t conform, who can’t sit still in the rigid confines of a classroom, whose minds take flight down imagination highways.  As adults, we voluntarily seek medication when we can’t conform.

  9. duffsmom profile image60
    duffsmomposted 6 years ago

    No I don't think that is true.  Every person has a certain amount of creativity. Those that nurture their creativity and become artists tend to be free thinkers.  They see things differently, more complexly and certain can see and feel the texture of life's everyday experiences more deeply than some others.

    Crazy or brilliant.  I guess it depends on the one's perspective.

  10. profile image0
    mikeq107posted 6 years ago

    Creative people are using their natural talents and those that think they are crazy are proably not using theirs..LOL

  11. whoisbid profile image74
    whoisbidposted 6 years ago

    I asked this question in a different form here and it got deleted so I wrote a Hub about it but now I can't find it. Haha!

  12. A.S.K.Preacher profile image61
    A.S.K.Preacherposted 6 years ago

    Everyone keeps saying, "Think ourside the box!" But when they do most people think they are crazy! Creative people are just able to truly think outside the box instead of going along with the crowd. This is not a beligerent thinking, just to be different. It is just different.

  13. cclitgirl profile image96
    cclitgirlposted 6 years ago

    I really think our society is too left-brained.  Right brained (i.e. creative) individuals have a harder time existing in a left-brained society that is obsessed with finding logical answers, time and systems.  There are right-brained societies that are much more arts oriented and not that concerned with time.  I've visited them - and I fit right in with my right-brain.  smile

  14. xethonxq profile image63
    xethonxqposted 6 years ago

    I don't think creative people are crazy....eccentric is maybe a better word. smile

  15. profile image0
    ExoticHippieQueenposted 6 years ago

    Hey, everybody is just a little bit crazy.  I think creativity and thinking outside the box just go hand in hand.  Who is to say what the definition of crazy is unless someone is stark raving mad?  It really makes no difference to me what drives creativity, just am happy to have the gene that makes me want to be that way!

  16. profile image0
    reeltaulkposted 6 years ago

    lol Appearance means nothing, more than likely basing anything on someone's appearance allows you to perceive such an individual as being crazy.  Btw creative individuals really don't care what others think about them.  More than likely if they have taken the time to "think" shows that they have gone way further than they should have concerning this non irrelevant crazy person.  2nd non creative people more than likely are good at judging as well as deeming those who are talented because they aren't!  That's crazy right?!?! lol

  17. tom hellert profile image60
    tom hellertposted 6 years ago

    All, i think that everyone is kinda crazy... but those who are famous be it talented or not  they get more attention overll and so we hear about them- some famous people are able to mask hide or repress their activities better. Until they tick off or tell the WRONG PEOPLE

  18. profile image0
    Dr Mohamed Rabieposted 6 years ago

    I don't think that creativity can come together with craziness, if you don't consider thinking outside the box a craziness.

  19. jessymitchell profile image60
    jessymitchellposted 6 years ago

    I heard the those who are considered somehow geniuses are looked as being kind of crazy, but that`s easy to understand why. I don`t see how creative can be related to being crazy.

  20. lone77star profile image83
    lone77starposted 6 years ago

    It depends on the viewpoint!

    Yes, creative people "appear" crazy to those who don't understand their creativity. That does not, in fact, mean that they are crazy. Crazy is typically associated with delusion -- a break with reality. Creative people merely make a new "reality." The value of that creation frequently increases with the ties that creativity has with the common reality we share. Otherwise, even the most avant-garde audience might not "get it." Certain "rules" apply that an artist usually shouldn't break--like no one element of their "art" overwhelming the others. Until I understood this, Picasso seemed "crazy."

    Non-creative people are perhaps limited in their exposure, interests and thus understanding.

    It's a matter of "unreality." What a creative person does may seem "unreal" or not "of reality" or not "reasonable" to someone else. Someone else might consider it entirely real.

    That "unreality" can be handled with a little TLC -- kindness and affection from the creative person and communication about what they've done that seems so unreal. This can make it more real to some. Others may refuse to hear something outside their realm of experience.

  21. Julie Nou profile image59
    Julie Nouposted 6 years ago

    prolly yes sometimes.. lol.. sometimes i became too crazy that i think outside (and beyond) my reach.. hahaha

  22. bettybarnesb profile image60
    bettybarnesbposted 6 years ago

    Just a little bit. But it is okay. That is what make us interesting. Have you ever thought about the people who direct movies and how in the world do they come up with an imagination that blows your mind. "Got to be a little crazy." Good question.