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What do you think of white lies? Why do we tell others them? What if we went wit

  1. JosieLee profile image77
    JosieLeeposted 6 years ago

    What do you think of white lies? Why do we tell others them? What if we went without them?

  2. stclairjack profile image83
    stclairjackposted 6 years ago

    i refer to them as small theraputic untruths

  3. profile image59
    geordmcposted 6 years ago

    I believe Honesty is best. However, "little white lies" are mostly used to keep from hurting peoples feelings. You would not get them from me, however. I tell the truth no matter who or how it hurts.

  4. woodamarc profile image72
    woodamarcposted 6 years ago

    I believe if a white lie would spare an unnecessary emotional impact-stress on someone that would cause absolutely no harm to anyone else... In that case, I think it is acceptable.  For a teaching point, in other cases after an event, it would be wise to let those you care about in on the reasoning of not be totally honest. Simply, you only wished to protect, or spare unnecessary stress after things wind down.

  5. joanwz profile image78
    joanwzposted 6 years ago

    There are times when even a white lie can hurt someone's feelings if they foung out, like the white lies you tell to get out of spending time with someone. There are times when white lies can be used to keep from hurting someone. Examples: giving someone a compliment.  If the other person finds out and understands that the white lie came from a place of love they are more likely to overlook it and forgive you. Doing without them? Well there's certainly something to be said for honesty being the best policy. The problem with honesty is that, with some people who are very sensitive, how do you tell them the truth without hurting their feelings?

  6. Grime Remix profile image62
    Grime Remixposted 6 years ago

    Most of the time I want the blunt truth so I can deal with it properly.  Even if it's just how I look or an opinion on something I've created.  Some people tell small lies thinking it will help the other person or save them from a small unpleasant event and awkwardness.  To that degree a small lie can be useful. But overall try to be as honest as you can at all times. 

    I'm not sure what would happen if we went without white lies.  It's become social etiquette in some cases.  Most likely no one would ask "how do I look".

  7. profile image0
    Emily Sparksposted 6 years ago

    White lies are exactly what they are called.....lies.  It does not matter the size.  Untruth is untruth.  Lying is sin.

  8. Tusitala Tom profile image65
    Tusitala Tomposted 6 years ago

    Our culture encourages white lies.  For example, a man's wife asks him if she has a big backside, "Er, no, dear - I like a woman with a bit of meat on her bones."   He might well think she's becoming grossly overweight but he's not going to tell her that.  Not only would domestic peace go out the window, he would feel he'd been cruel.  She would feel hurt.    This is not win-win but lose-lose.

    Both responses, of course, come from fear of the truth.  So telling a white lie is a compromise, a rationalization.   So until every one in the world agrees that white lies are out, it's better to stay with the status quo.

  9. style-of-life profile image58
    style-of-lifeposted 6 years ago

    Lying does not have to be a bad thing per se. Every now and than a good white lie makes people happier and may make you be able to do and see things you otherwise wouldn't.

  10. ajuvr profile image68
    ajuvrposted 6 years ago

    the lies white manage to tell the black too get synonymous to the original definition in the upcoming editions of folks' dictionary