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Why is the text of my New Living Translation different from other New Living Tra

  1. YvetteParker profile image75
    YvetteParkerposted 6 years ago

    Why is the text of my New Living Translation different from other New Living Translation versions?

    I have the Holy Bible People's Parallel Edition King James Version & New Living Translation by Tyndale House Publishers - 1996. My Pastor has begun reading from th NLT on Sundays during his sermons. This past Sunday, I took my NLT to church so I could follow along; but noticed that my text read slightly different. Then I went to the Biblegateway website when I returned home only to find that my text does not match the text there either. What does this mean? What should I do?


  2. Rev. Akins profile image77
    Rev. Akinsposted 6 years ago

    Every company translates the Bible with their own experts. I THINK they have to change just enough to make it their own copy, but they leave enough of it the same to still call it a New Living Translation. There are hundreds (if not more) translations out in the world if you count all the little differences. I would offer two options:

    1) if you really like your bible, simply follow along, they should be close enough that you don't miss anything. You could also note the words that are different and talk to your pastor about the company's word choice. 2) Find the exact translation your pastor uses and buy that bible, so that you can follow word for word. As a pastor I can never have enough bibles or translations, but I enjoy looking through them and trying to figure out why they translated the way they did. Most people simply like one translation over another and stick with that one.

  3. YvetteParker profile image75
    YvetteParkerposted 6 years ago

    Thanks Rev. Akins for your response. What you said makes a lot of sense. However, I still have one concern because my bible has the exact same publisher and copyright date as biblegateway.com but the text is still different. Is there anything more that you can share to help me with this?

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    jdwritesposted 6 years ago

    I worked at Christian bookstore all through college, and I used to get this question a lot. There are two possible reasons for why people would ask about it.

    1. Some people mix up the old "Living Bible" with the "New Living Translation." The Living Bible was a paraphrase made prior to the NLT Translation.

    2. I think in your case, the NLT Bible you have is a first edition NLT, while the one your church is using is a second edition. The first edition NLT was first published in 1996 (which you noted you had above). Meanwhile, the second edition NLT was published in 2004. While the two editions are considered the same translation, you are going to come across minor changes and inconsistencies between the two.

    Hope that helps!

  5. preacher2003 profile image58
    preacher2003posted 6 years ago

    go to   nivheresy.com

    this site describes the dangers of the NIV Bible in an ongoing and complete process

    much of the terminology, information, writings, and etc - are gleaned from the same place as the NIV in direct and not so direct ways -

    At any rate, the watering down of words, different writers trying to make it more"acceptable" and etc., has caused many great works to become poor...

  6. Clive Donegal profile image77
    Clive Donegalposted 5 years ago

    I won't restate the previous points, but I do want to mention that, as of last November, the Catholic Church has adopted a new English liturgy with translations that adhere more closely to the Latin, which, of course, is itself a translation.