Have you ever seen a ghost?

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  1. Tony the writer profile image70
    Tony the writerposted 6 years ago

    Have you ever seen a ghost?

  2. Sharminator profile image71
    Sharminatorposted 6 years ago

    Yes many times. But the most clear spirit I saw was when I was around 12 years old. I had just gone to bed and my parents had left the light on in the hallway. The light was off in my room but you could still see clearly into the main part of the room with the hallway light. I heard what sounded like someone moving in the hall out side of my room. So I sat up in bed and turned to the bedroom doorway. I watched the solid shadow of a woman walk into my room. trying to make sense of this I called out my sisters name but got no reply. I continued to watch the figure move right into the middle of my room before it disappeared into thin air. It didn't have a bad feeling so I just lay back down and went to sleep. But I have been interested in ghosts since that point.

  3. Zakmoonbeam profile image93
    Zakmoonbeamposted 6 years ago

    I believe so, on several occasions.  When I grew up in Greater London our home was to the best of my knowledge haunted.  We experienced a great many things as a family, including what seemed to be poltergeist activity and a full apparition.

    It is a subject I have written on, and continue to be fascinated in.

  4. Parks McCants profile image72
    Parks McCantsposted 6 years ago

    More than once. In conversation with other family members, a few of us are conduits to the spirit world. To me this is disturbing only in the sense of lost sleep. My encounters generally occur while coming out of a sleep, only to find an image standing at the foot or side of my bed.

    Dark shadows? sure... But know that I have an understanding of them, they are but a curiosity to me.

    My wife thought me to be a bid mad;until she too witnessed the same apparition.

    As the kids like to say..." no worries, it's all good."

  5. dariashakti profile image61
    dariashaktiposted 6 years ago

    As a graduate assistant, one of my duties was to open the university library on Saturday mornings.  One morning, I went into the reference section to turn on the lights and saw a woman dressed in clothes from the 1920s  sitting at one of the tables looking at a book. I was stunned since there wasn't supposed to be anyone in the library. She sighed when she saw me and got up and walked into the stacks. I went after her, but couldn't see anything or anyone anywhere. I got goosebumps in her chilly wake and looked for her on every floor of the library as I went from room to room turning on the lights. Needless to say, I never found her. But when I told my supervisor, she showed me a photo of a woman who had been a librarian there all of her life and had died decades before. She was an exact replica of the woman I had seen that morning.


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