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Whether you knew them personally or not, who was the most inspirational person i

  1. MarkRFox profile image76
    MarkRFoxposted 5 years ago

    Whether you knew them personally or not, who was the most inspirational person in your life?

    Describe this person along with why and how they inspired you in your life.

  2. grinnin1 profile image80
    grinnin1posted 5 years ago

    This is the story of my grandparent's life, love, loss and faith, and how  it impacted me on many levels. read more

  3. ecoggins profile image93
    ecogginsposted 5 years ago

    The most inspirational people in my life are my parents. Both came through difficult circumstances to live stable responsible lives. The two most inspirational outside my family are former UCLA Basketball Coach John Wooden and Saddleback Church Pastor Rick Warren. The total impact of their two lives could never be measured in human terms - they are far reaching and will go on into eternity.

  4. sergs_pogi profile image58
    sergs_pogiposted 5 years ago

    I like the greatest national hero of the Philippines -- Dr. Jose Rizal. I came to learn about him in great depth when I took up my History 5. I found out his intelligence did not come into being out of sheer endowment, although I agree he has a very high IQ. He became wise because he had read almost every book in the University of Sto. Tomas library and more.

    His good values and virtues are also worth mentioning and emulating. No doubt, he was loved by many people, native Filipinos and foreigners alike. He valued his dignity and word of honor more than food or any material thing. He proved this when he gave up his life for the sake of his country, without taking back his promise.

    Jose Rizal is a person whom Filipinos should not forget but instead be proud of.

  5. zzron profile image56
    zzronposted 5 years ago


    I would have to say Jesus Christ.  I can't think of anyone who would be a better role model.  I think that if everyone acted more like Jesus or at least tried to, the world would be a more peaceful and productive place.  I know there are many who would disagree but that's okay, that's my opinion.  The golden rule,  "Do onto others as you would have them do onto you"  isn't just a good idea, it makes for a peaceful lifestyle if people would practice it.

  6. eddiecarrara profile image95
    eddiecarraraposted 5 years ago

    I would have to say, Tony Robbins and then his mentor, Mr. Jim Rohn.  They both have a powerful message, never stop growing!  Tony taught me how to be grateful,  and how important is is to remind ourselves why we are grateful,  It can be as simple as seeing a beautiful sunset and saying thank you for my eyesight, or looking at your kids and being thankful for their health, or your own health for that matter.
    Tony also taught me that there is no such thing as a failure as long as you keep trying, so don't ever stop trying.  I have yet to see him in person, but I plan to do so within the next year.  Thanks for the question Mark, very thought provoking.

  7. Shahid Bukhari profile image60
    Shahid Bukhariposted 5 years ago

    I am not inspired by the presented ... "images" and "portraitures" ... I have to "know" my Inspirer, thoroughly well, to be inspired !

    Because, the meanings of the word "Inspirer" ... in my lexicon is ...  Muhammad, the last Prophet of God. Peace and Blessings of Allah be Upon him. 
    For he, by his Actions, has re-defined the "Native" human Values ... "Influenced" human Perception of Reality, to an extent, that all Muslim Thinking and Actions ... are Reflection, of his Thinking and Actions.
    Within this benchmark ... I have been inspired variously, by many persons in the sundry disciplines of life ... and ... many continue to inspire me ...

    Thus ... I have primarily been inspired by my teachers ... my Father and Mother, my wife and children ... as a child, inspired by Qari Muhammad Yusuf Dehlavi, God Bless him ... he "taught" me how to understand the Koran ...
    I have also been by Time, Circumstance and Experiences ... my professors, Dr. Mazhar Ali Khan, D.Litt. Cantab., Dr. Mumtaz Ali, Ph.D., Professor Hasan Askari ... authors, P.G. Wodehouse, Shafiq ur Rehman and Shaukat Thanvi ... et.al..

    The List is endless ... for I continue to Learn, right up to this moment ... and will do so ... till the last breath of my life ... This Inspiration is from Muhammad ... making it mandatory upon Muslims to seek knowledge throughout Life.

  8. onegoodwoman profile image76
    onegoodwomanposted 5 years ago

    I knew, them, each, quite well..........

    My, " old school", " worldy", self propelled, Grandparents.

    They, just, knew, how to get things done !

  9. Java Programs profile image60
    Java Programsposted 5 years ago

    Most inspirational person in my life are Sachin Tendulkar and Salman Khan .... One is world's best batsman and other is biggest bollywood superstar ever ....

  10. MarkRFox profile image76
    MarkRFoxposted 5 years ago

    Thanks to the people who have answered this question thus far. However, one person only please. The question says the most inspirational person, not people. Thank you.

  11. howtohandbook profile image61
    howtohandbookposted 5 years ago

    The most inspirational person in my life is my mother. Had she not been there for me I would not have become what I'm today.

  12. LadyFiddler profile image76
    LadyFiddlerposted 5 years ago

    Hi Jesus was the most inspirational person to me that ever walked the face of the earth! Never met him physically but i have spiritually and its like a water that quenches the soul deep within a peace and stillness. Also William Marrion Branham a most extraordinary human being that live a true example of what men and women ought to be wink

    Thanks for the question


  13. Dexter Yarbrough profile image83
    Dexter Yarbroughposted 5 years ago

    As of today, the most inspirational person for me is Eckhart Tolle. His lessons on spiritual awakening are very enlightening and have been very helpful to me.

  14. Dave Mathews profile image61
    Dave Mathewsposted 5 years ago

    Mine is Jesus Christ. I do know Him personally and He is still alive today.

  15. profile image0
    mcals71posted 5 years ago

    It has to be my eighth grade Latin teacher. Since sixth grade part of my school curriculum was studying Latin two hours a day, four days a week plus homework, and I always flunked it. There were rules, and then exceptions, and then exceptions to the exceptions and I just wasn't good at it at all, to my parent's great consternation. How many tears I shed on my school bench because yet another "failed" paper had to be returned with my father's signature on it! This teacher cared. She took me under her wing, encouraged me, gave me hope and that year I passed it, just barely, but I did! From that experience I learned that encouragement goes a long way in teaching and in restoring self-esteem to a child.

  16. whonunuwho profile image79
    whonunuwhoposted 5 years ago

    I would have to say that there were four: My father and mother, my grandfather, and Billy Graham. My father set the example of devotion and hard work for his family, my mother inspired me to achieve and do my best, my grandfather was an ordained minister of the gospel and inspired me spiritually, and Billy Graham was a great source of inspiration and helped me to deal with daily life, one day at a time. There can be no one great inspirational source in most people's lives, it is a combining of many.