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You know the old saying 'Good comes to those who wait' well, does it?

  1. swb64 profile image59
    swb64posted 6 years ago

    You know the old saying 'Good comes to those who wait' well, does it?

    On too many occasions it seems to me good arrives on the doorstep of those who are potentially quite bad, any thoughts and views on this?

  2. Bretsuki profile image77
    Bretsukiposted 6 years ago

    Hello swb64, good question.

    It does sometimes seem that way. But who are we to decide who is a bad person and how good things happen?

    Say if I have a horrible boss at work. Each week we both play the lottery. Then one week my boss leaves. He won the Jackpot. I didn't.

    Is this a good thing happening to a bad person?

    If after years of put downs and being overlooked I now have the chance to shine and become the departments new boss. I get a good payrise, my former torturer is no longer part of my life and I have the opportunity to be the boss I would have liked.

    So while winning the lottery may have been my dream to escape that bad boss. His winning brings me a good result too.  If I take a positive view. Of course that may not happen if I allow sourness and bitterness at his good to poison other peoples views of me.

    In this example the good or bad is not really important, it is more my own reaction to how I view things. Seize opportunity with a good heart or curse and blame. The choice is ours.

  3. Mr. Happy profile image83
    Mr. Happyposted 6 years ago

    I think Mr. Bretsuki is quite right and I really like his answer. I do believe that good and bad are in the eye of the beholder: what is good for me is not necessarily good for You and vice-versa.

    I also would like to mention that I think the saying about the grass always being greener on the neighbour's lawn, is also somewhat true.

    "The truth is rarely pure and never simple" Oscar Wilde

    Cheers! : )

  4. chivs86 profile image79
    chivs86posted 6 years ago

    I would say yes for the patient man there will be rewards and rushing in it to things is never advisable under no circumstances.  On the other hand though I would say that no one should have to wait for too long.  I guess it's like a lot of things really finding a good balance.

  5. freemarketingnow profile image55
    freemarketingnowposted 6 years ago

    Yes I married my high school sweetheart after waiting a decade.

  6. Ed Fidecaro profile image60
    Ed Fidecaroposted 6 years ago

    As a christian I'd say we seldom have the proper perspective on issues like this. We see good and bad from our own not God's perspective. Think about it this way. Have you ever looked at a beautiful tapestry and then looked at it from the back? From the back the picture portrayed is indiscernible. Life is like that. God's word answers this question in many places. He says His plan is for those who love Him to prosper, yet if we fail to discern and follow His plan for our life, we lose out. He says the rain falls on the good and the evil - if evil was punished with drought, would not the good be punished as well? Bretsuki uses the example of a lottery winner. It amazing how many people's lives are ruined when they suddenly come into money. Why? Because many people don't know how to handle wealth. So for those people riches can be a curse rather than a blessing. God knows us better than we know ourselves, which is why His perspective is always more accurate than ours. Most people know the story of Joseph - sold into slavery by his brothers, thrown into prison by his Egyptian master for something he didn't do, but finally becoming the most powerful man in Egypt because as Joseph himself said - what others meant for bad, God meant for good. In short, to answer one cliche with another, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. It's all about perspective!