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Are their sects in Jews?

  1. jainismus profile image70
    jainismusposted 5 years ago

    Are their sects in Jews?

    Are their religious sects in Jews?


  2. ackman1465 profile image59
    ackman1465posted 5 years ago

    Yes.  Like most all religions, Jews have various groups that don't agree on the details of carrying out their religion.....  Notably, there are Hassidic Jews, and Reform Jews.....  The former are stuck in the 13th century.... the latter have opened their eyes and noted that the calendar has progressed to the 21st century...

    1. raciniwa profile image72
      raciniwaposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      How about the Orthodox Jew?to what sect or group do they belong?

  3. Daniel_Benson profile image88
    Daniel_Bensonposted 5 years ago

    Judaism has many sects like most other religions.

    There are different denominations based on how religious you are:
    Hasidic, (Modern) Orthodox, Massorti, Reform and Liberal, in order from most observant to least. Orthodox means traditional and can be used as a term to describe all of the first three. Reform means they change with the times and this can be seen to cover both reform and liberal movements. Liberal Judaism can also be referred to as Progressive Judaism.

    In America, the largest denomination is Reform, whereas in the UK, it is Modern Orthodox.

    The Hasidic Movement is the eldest, next the Reform Movement (19th century). Orthodox was founded in response to reform. Liberal was founded in 1902 and Massorti is only a few decades old.

    They all believe in the word of the Torah and consult the Talmud for help on how to lead their lives. They differ in belief over Women's roles, language that the service should be read in etc.

  4. FF Commish profile image78
    FF Commishposted 5 years ago

    In addition to the sects (better word:  denominations) of Judaism, it is important the most rapidly growing Jewish "sect":  those who identify as "just Jewish" rather than identify with a particular denomination.