Can we really just talk to God? Do we need to talk to Jesus first or does it mat

  1. Janice Daniel profile image61
    Janice Danielposted 5 years ago

    Can we really just talk to God? Do we need to talk to Jesus first or does it matter? Just askin.

  2. wilmiers77 profile image61
    wilmiers77posted 5 years ago

    By all means, we can just talk to God in our natural manner.  We can start with God or His Son, Jesus, Who ever one first will lead to the other. For human identification we have Jesus among us and for Eternal God, Infinite and all powerful, we say Heavenly Father. Finite human can only mentally contain a limited amount of knowledge at once, and must learn linearly one thing and than another, mystery after mystery until all is revealed. This also calls for order in the succession after each state. Jesus gives us the true states and order.

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    LIL-ANGEL-WINGSposted 5 years ago

    If you are Born againthen you are in an intament relationship with Christ, you also then you are in an intament relationship with God the Father. God is alive and right where you are.There is no place to deep or to high that he can not reach you and be with you. You can and should talk to Him just the way you would with anyone you are having an intament relationship with.

    If you are married or have Children, you do not want them to go to someone else and then have that person relay a message to you. You want them to come to you directly and speak with you, telling you all there worries and fears and dreams and hear them tell you that they Love you and are thankful for all you do for them. God and Christ and the Holy Spirit are one. But the Holy spirit intercedes for us with groanings that are far beyond what our words would ever produce.

    So whether you talk to Jesus or God you are speaking to all as all are one.

    So many people think that they are speaking to some far off God who may or may not hear, Saying god or Lord over and over again in their prayer. If you are speaking to your spouse do you repeat their name every sentence that you speak? We serve a Living God who resides in our Hearts. He is right here waiting for us to come to Him and Share all our life with Him. He wants us to talk to Him just like your best friend and you talk.

    When we come asking for something we need to make sure however that we are asking with the right motive. Selfishness begets nothing. A giving heart praying for Gods will to be worked out in our life is what he longs for.