What do you expect in heaven?

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  1. jacobkuttyta profile image22
    jacobkuttytaposted 6 years ago

    What  do you expect in heaven?

  2. Ethan Green profile image91
    Ethan Greenposted 6 years ago

    I expect room service, air conditioning and hot water...

  3. LaughingRain profile image80
    LaughingRainposted 6 years ago

    a little cabin with a great view and a lake, lots of wildlife, never having to eat or wash dishes again and many learning institutions to explore and doing ice skating performances to an appreciative audience.

  4. melbelle profile image60
    melbelleposted 6 years ago

    I expect to be even more creative than I am now.  Being surrounding by my family and the many pets I have lost over the years.   I want to be in the service of some kind of "artsy" work in heaven.

  5. Rod Marsden profile image74
    Rod Marsdenposted 6 years ago

    All the answers so far have been pretty good. A cabin near a river that isn't far from the sea would be ideal. The cabin would be a short distance from a rain forest where you'd get plenty of wild life all the time. No cane toads anywhere or Indian myna birds. Considering what these toads do to our wildlife and how the myna birds invade the nests of other bird species and kick the chicks out, they belong in hell. Pure and simple. There would be fishing but once you'd caught your meal you  couldn't catch any more until the next day. People battling against food shortages and who have tried to do something about overpopulation on earth would be in heaven when they passed away. Selfish people who have large families in the name of this god or that and so add to food shortages and the misery of overcrowding end up down stairs. Mad bombers and other religious fruit loops definitely down stairs. In heaven I would be handsome and married or living with or both to an equally attractive woman. It doesn't matter what she looked like on earth. In heaven she gets to choose what she looks like and who she wants to be with. I get the same option. There would be plenty of artists and writers. Books written in heaven about earth would have a unique accuracy about them. even the fiction. I would have coffee with Jong and we would discuss masks. Jack Kirby would stop by with his latest comic book extravaganza. I would get to see relatives who had already passed away. They would be a lot younger than when I last saw them. My mother would be in her early teens instead of an old woman.

  6. lone77star profile image84
    lone77starposted 6 years ago

    Peace, serenity, creative challenges, love, confidence, responsibility, humility.

    I don't expect the troubles of physical attachment and ego.

  7. MickeySr profile image83
    MickeySrposted 6 years ago

    The Bible presents several big ideas that it then gives much attention to . . . including the ideas of light & darkness, parts & the whole, and struggle & rest. How God made this world to be & function and how He introduces & accomplishes redemption present these ideas again and again to inform us of who God is and what He is like, and I think they also give us a bit of a preview of what paradise will be like.

    We certainly don't know detailed particulars of what exactly to expect, I personally think that the texts referencing streets of gold winding through a city like transparent glass are speaking of the glory and majesty of God's eternal heaven and not asserting what actual materials we will find there, while the texts that talk about lions lying down with lambs is presenting factual circumstances - I believe heaven will be paradise restored, the garden and God originally made it before man corrupted it.

    Whatever the case we do know that those big ideas presented again and again in the Bible will finally be realized in some manner along the lines of;

    There will be no more darkness and the light will be beautiful and endless,

    Love, the perfect bond of unity, will bind us all together with one another and with God, in a manner in which we each remain the person that we are (in an even more fuller sense) as we are one with all.

    And all struggle will end and we will enjoy a vigorous rest. The Bible is clear on this; for all those who know Jesus now, who love Him in this life, and who trust Him as their only hope of heaven, heaven will be real and never-ending and a perfect rest and peace and joy in the love of God.

    I believe that when we close our eyes in death and open them again in the next life, all those trusting in Jesus alone, not in themselves and not in religion and not in being good enough, etc, but trusting fully in His finished work, will instantly stand face-to-face with Jesus and He will put His thumb to our cheek and wipe the last tear from our eye - and we will rest with Him in eternity.


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