Do you think that some people abuse a religion by bringing it to public domains?

  1. arun.udayan profile image83
    arun.udayanposted 5 years ago

    Do you think that some people abuse a religion by bringing it to public domains?

    Don't you think that my religion is a very private matter between my God and myself? My religion teaches me how I should live my life in the best possible ways. It tells me to follow some principles that are best for me, and I follow them because I really feel good about them from my heart; I truly believe in them. But, if I expect or tell, or worse, force others to follow the same principles, which they might not like, am I not exposing my religion to them for all kinds of good or bad things they'd like to say about it?

  2. DaceyD profile image71
    DaceyDposted 5 years ago

    I think that whether you want your religion to be a private matter is up to the individual.  But from honest discussion, not trying to impose ones beliefs on others in any way, people gain knowledge and deeper understanding.  From open conversation one can gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of any religion and or philosophy and perhaps discover new interpretations, whether one believe in those interpretations or simply finds them interesting and moves on. Conversation facilitates understanding and without it there is suspicion, judgment and misunderstanding. Also without open conversation it is easier for cults and extremist to twist things to their own ends.  So my personal feeling is one should always be open to conversation about religion in the pursuit of understanding but try to keep it more philosophical and less personal and try to avoid judgment.  If someone is being judgmental then they are closing their mind, they do not wish to learn or understand and it is probably best not to discuss religion with them... or politics or anything that might be to controversial.