What divides the Christian faith more?

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    krillcoposted 5 years ago

    What divides the Christian faith more?

    Ultra liberal or ultra conservative Christians: is it the position or the dogmatic self righteousness of each that is more erroneous and divisive?

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    ViolinByCourtneyposted 5 years ago

    I don't believe it is that simple. Conservative Christians are usually such because, among other reasons, the platforms of conservative politicians are more aligned with Biblical principles and they are fearful of what the types of government on the far left side of the spectrum have previously meant for Christians and other groups with Judeo-Christian values. Extreme conservatism within the church typically leads to legalism, which negates the Apostle Paul's assertion that we are no longer under the law. Liberal Christians typically try to transfer their ideas of charity and "freedom in Christ" to the secular world. Unfortunately for the church, such ideals often cause people to be leery of addressing ongoing sinful lifestyles, even going to far as to misinterpret Scripture or completely throw out passages that contradict their efforts to make the church more "progressive." Conservatives are particularly offended by social programs because it takes away their ability to give what they have purposed in their hearts since they must instead give what the government says they must give. Self righteousness is a separate issue. It involves a lack of humility and a declaring oneself as righteous, often placing oneself in a seat of judgement over others. It is not necessarily associated with extremism, and it is a mistake to assume that all legalists are judgmental or that all liberals believe the things they would permit in secular society are likewise permissible in the church and therefore "judge" those who would expel the unrepentant ("Christians" who deliberately choose to live in sin) from their congregations.