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Why do many people believe in the necessity to alien intervention to explain man

  1. Radical Rog profile image79
    Radical Rogposted 4 years ago

    Why do many people believe in the necessity to alien intervention to explain mankind's development?

    Considering hubs such as 'Did Aliens Build the Pyramids', why do many people believe that ancient civilisations didn't possess the ability and knowledge to build ancient monuments, or even develop as a civilisation without alien intervention?

  2. KEPitz1005 profile image61
    KEPitz1005posted 4 years ago

    I've been watching that show on the History Channel called "Ancient Aliens". The theory behind these ancient astronauts is that no, they did NOT build the pyramids. People built the pyramids. However, theorists believe that these ancient visitors DID tell  us how to do it.
    When the pyramids were built, mankind was not very technologically advanced at all, and it's believed that certain technologies were brought from alien travelers. Pyramids showed up all over the world, around the same time, long before man went exploring and discovered other civilizations and cultures. At the time, it was impossible for one people to share their knowledge with another people on the other side of the planet. These structures are all very similar in design and engineering, and some are actually identical to each other. There's no way the different cultures could have collaborated on the design and building of these structures at that time. It makes sense that someone was instructing humans all over the planet.
    Scrolls and cave paintings show countless images of things that appear to be space ships and beings in space suits with helmets.
    It's all very compelling, and in many, MANY ways, it's very logical. Much of the ancient astronaut theory seems to bring a lot of things together - at least for me. Ancient aliens being here actually clears up a lot of biblical stories in my mind. The theory kind of brings science and spirituality together for me.
    I've been "losing my religion" for quite awhile here. I've lost "faith" because it didn't seem to be getting me anywhere. But listening to what people have to say about the ancient astronaut theory has really explained a LOT for me. I do have to say that some of the theories out there about the ancient alien visits are seriously ridiculous and too far-fetched to even consider, but on the whole, I find it to be very interesting, and extremely plausible. The evidence is there. You just have to go into it with an open mind and listen to what the scientists have to say. Seriously - much of it really makes a lot of sense and explains some of the unexplained.

    1. Radical Rog profile image79
      Radical Rogposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      If you want to take either the creationist of evolutionist view, mankind originated around the area of northern Africa and spread out from there, so there is a root connection to ideas. But still, where di the aliens come from, evolution or creation.

  3. Jay C OBrien profile image66
    Jay C OBrienposted 3 years ago

    There is a simpler explanation for events than the  Ancient Alien Theory.  It is the "Atlantis Theory."  There have been a series of civilizations which have risen and fallen due to war or natural disaster.  Each catastrophe has reduced the human population to almost extinction.  Each time some technology has been saved.  The ancient stories are about high-technology people coming in contact with low-technology people.  They are still people, but mistaken to be Gods or angels.  All people have human DNA so no genetic experiments are needed under this theory.

    The Toba Catastrophe Theory supports this.  70,000 years ago a super volcano erupted causing a volcanic winter.  Google Toba Catastrophe theory.  See Hub, "Atlantians to the Mideast."