For astrology buffs and experts, what are the 10 NEGATIVE aspects regarding the

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    gmwilliamsposted 4 years ago

    For astrology buffs and experts, what are the 10 NEGATIVE aspects regarding the relationship between

    a Leo mother and a Taurean daughter?

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    Lee Teaposted 4 years ago

    I'd like a shot at this question, though I don't use astrology to generalize the character of a certain set of people.  Rather I understand the lessons (decans) associated with each sign which if studied help us all develop personal, empowering characteristics, so that's what I'll compare and apply to your subjects here.

    Leo's key ideas are both "love" and "will".  The main theme for leo is "rulership", and its decans are focused around learning to rule with generosity and light.  Rulership is concerned with predicting where something is heading based on its past and where it is now, to accurately project the trajectory of where it will be in the future.  As applied to your question, the leo mother would be concerned with the daughter's past actions and present circumstances, using them to either encourage or discourage possible future actions and consequences.  With the lessons of generosity, the mother's probably willing to give both needed items and credit to get the daughter where she (the mother) would like her to go.  In the name of "light", the mother's actions would be more guided by love for her daughter than by fear of the unknown.

    Taurus's key ideas is to "have".  Taurus teaches us to acquire what we need and to keep it using the lessons of "attraction", "beauty", and "stability."  Attraction can help us get to where we want to be by gathering like-minded people heading the same way.  Beauty is the first lesson of attraction, as we're drawn to what's appealing.  Stability helps us want the same thing continuously, helping us keep our goals for longer and guarding us from whims that make us want to give up, or give it all away once we get it.

    So it would seem while a Leo mother would be concerned with ruling the daughter's actions (even with the best of intentions) to get the daughter to what she (the mom) thinks would be the best situation for her, the Taurus daughter would be more preoccupied with gathering things (items, money, friends, looks/beauty, home, etc.) and the condition of these things to help her achieve her own idea of her goals.   They'd be on two different pages.  Further evident by the idea that Leo's an action sign (fire) while Taurus leans more towards material items (earth).  So mom's concerned with what daughter's doing, and daughter's concerned with what daughter has. 

    I'm sure this wasn't the kind of answer you had in mind, but I'm not the typical astrologer either lol... thanks, this was fun.

    Be well.

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      This is a great and insightful answer, Lee!