Why are we never content with where we are in life?

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    afarr09posted 4 years ago

    Why are we never content with where we are in life?

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    mabelhenryposted 4 years ago

    Hi "afarr09" Never carries the premise of absoluteness, but we are always subject to change and so are our circumstances which makes never a challenge. Contentment is a learned and acquired state, we have learned it at internals in life, and we are still learning it to embrace the future and our destinies with hope.

    The Apostle Paul declared through Scripture that he had learned to be content no matter what state he was in, his story was one of great suffering and triumph. but he embraced the grace of God as being sufficient through adversity.

    I can relate to that so well, because it is something that you have to do. Being content has a lot to do with being thankful and grateful to the Creator in and for all things. I don’t think the success rate of being content without being grateful is realistic, because they go hand in hand.

    Learning to be content is a lesson, I am still being taught how to do. Many strongholds had to be torn down, imaginations cast down, many mistakes have been made, many disappointments have come my way, but bless God I am learning and will endeavor to be teachable. I had to experience discontentment in order to believe that being content is a possibility and can at any moment become a reality.

    Where we are in life is not where we are planning or going to stay and that makes never nonexistent, because of constant change. Grace and peace be unto you and a new approach to experientially being content in the here and now be yours.

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    yankeeintexasposted 4 years ago

    Interesting question! To be content means to not have any desire "move forward" in the world either socially, financially, or both. The problem with the world is the that we are indoctrinated with the philosophy of never being content with where we are at, and strive to always be better!
    The world has a hard time understanding that true contentment brings happiness. They don't can't understand that the love of money, power, and influence will only lead to loneliness, pain, and misery!