Was Jesus A Liberal Or A Conservative?

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  1. vveasey profile image69
    vveaseyposted 10 years ago

    Was Jesus A Liberal Or A Conservative?


  2. The Suburban Poet profile image82
    The Suburban Poetposted 10 years ago

    It's my layman's opinion that he did not concern himself with politics other than to mention Caesar ("... render unto Caesar...") when providing a typically confounding answer to a question about taxes. If you use the labels, Conservative or Liberal then you invoke things like the size of the government and the like. But there is also the social aspect; Conservatives are pro-life while Liberals are pro-choice. Conservatives seem to consider homosexuality to be a sin while Liberals wish to legalize gay marriage. I believe the same type differences existed long ago and Jesus cut threw all of that when he said things that appeared to command us to look at the plank in our own eye. That mooted all arguments because he challenged each of us to take care of our own business. Liberals like to say that raising taxes on the rich to help the poor is something that Jesus would support. But I know many Conservatives who give time and money to worthy causes who are concerned about the national debt. in the end it's down to your own conscience.

  3. profile image52
    tbHistorianposted 10 years ago

    based on the dictionary definitions -
    -conservative - holding to traditional attitudes and values, cautious about change or innovation
    -liberal - open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values
    It appears that Jesus was a Conservative because he inspired people to follow moral traditional values. He also refused to discard his beliefs even when faced with being crucified for his convictions.
    Jesus was the type of Conservative that knew how to inspire others to fend for themselves as well as help others who could not provide for themselves due to lack of training and understanding.
    Leading by example, Jesus has successfully continued to inspire others who desire to live the life of a true Conservative.


    1. The Suburban Poet profile image82
      The Suburban Poetposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      And yet he opposed the dominant application of the Jewish law by Caiphas.... how do you reconcile that with the definition above of a Conservative and a Liberal? I'd say Caiphas was the Conservative.....

    2. profile image52
      tbHistorianposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      really - in what verse did Jesus oppose the law?
      Jesus did oppose the evil tyrant who proclaimed power over the people.
      Jesus did oppose the deceitful corruption of the people.
      Jesus did forgive those who repented their sins.
      Jesus was conservative

  4. syzygyastro profile image79
    syzygyastroposted 10 years ago

    Jesus was neither. He was a revolutionary; ultimately charged and executed for sedition by the Roman occupation and Jewish state collaborators. This is what he was really accused of, but he overcame the cross, rose again and became a living sacrifice for all. Those who required help of any kind, he went out of his way to do the utmost. To those hard hearted souls lacking even sympathy, he offered nothing but criticism and advice. He set a hard example for us all to follow, which if we follow him, is our salvation. This is why he says "sell all you have, give to the poor and pick up your cross and follow me. We need the faith and must perform works demonstrating the reality of that faith. Those works are not to be accompanied by PR, fanfare and ego building. They are for the poor, the sick, imprisoned, the oppressed, the lonely given as a gift as Jesus gave. He is beyond liberal and conservative and in short, beyond politics.

  5. profile image0
    Sri Tposted 10 years ago

    When someone has that kind of supernatural power, they are simply beyond all the nonsense of this earth. He said, I am not of this world.

  6. rohanfelix profile image80
    rohanfelixposted 10 years ago

    I'm sure Jesus was a moderate smile He always stressed on being faithful and pure within, meaning in one's heart. He seldom focussed on external perceptions. Atleast that's as far as I know.

  7. lone77star profile image73
    lone77starposted 10 years ago

    Jesus was not political!

    The politics of the world mattered not to him. He recommended that people give to Caesar that which is Caesar's and give to God that which belongs to Him.

    Liberals care for people, but want the government to do it for them. This is a loaded label. It says "compassion without responsibility."

    What is "conservative?" Biblical literalism. War mongering. Materialistic? This, too, is a loaded label and ripe with abuse. Such labels are the products of the psychopathic elite who try to control us through ego.

    Christ was not a biblical literalist. For one thing, he gave difficult-to-understand parables. This to make people think and to make them humble. Literalists are typically lazy and arrogant.

    Christ wanted only the good of each, so long as it helped in the salvation of all who could hear his voice.


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