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To Blacks atheists &non-religionists, what are the 10 ways that organized religi

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    gmwilliamsposted 3 years ago

    To Blacks atheists &non-religionists, what are the 10 ways that organized religions have negatively

    impacted, demoralized, and otherwise created a passive culture in many Black American communities?

    Growing up in Black culture, I am familar of the preponderant role organized religion have in the lives of Black people.  I have seen the hold that religion have on my family members.  Many Black people believe that religion is the be and end all in their lives.  Many would have their last penny to their churches, while socioeconomically suffering themselves.  There are more churches in the Black community than there are bookstores. Religion seem to be an opiate in the Black community.


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    AnastasiaMcGowanposted 3 years ago

    I feel that it makes them close minded and ignorant to the realities of this world. I grew up in a house where we went to church every Sunday and participated in the church events but I am not very religious neither is my mom, my grandmother was and all of my knowledge about God, Jesus, and the Bible came from her, however she was not close minded, she loved all types of people and generally wanted to see people do well she was not the type of Christian to say you are going to Hell because you don't believe in God, she didn't condemn people. I had to live with my aunt and her husband after my grandmother passed away and I was miserable because I had to go to church with them Every Sunday, they only said I had to go one day then they made me go on Wednesdays too, it wasn't that bad because I enjoyed the pastor and his sermons especially the ones that talked about us not being alone in the universe. I made the mistake of letting it slip that I don't entirely believe in God and my aunt flipped basically saying that my mom was in her predicament because she didn't believe in God. My aunt actually told me that my grandmother would have been disappointed in me for saying that and I nearly cried because my grandmother had just passed away and for her to say this to me that was not even remotely true because my grandmother already knew kind of broke my heart, religion really changed my aunt that and also her husband, I don't believe religion is bad at all, i believe that it has its benefits but I think it is the people who corrupt it and try to control others with it because of their own prejudices.

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    Sri Tposted 3 years ago

    Actually, it is one of the only ways as a people they have survived. Even in  Africa, spirituality is heavily depended upon. In fact, it goes back to Nubian,  Ancient Egyptian kingdoms and beyond. Spirituality has always been there in some form, whether ancestor worship, nature spirits, voudon or magic rituals. The good news is, many have adapted to organized religions with different cultures and combined powerful concepts with faith to rise economically and politically within the system. Many have developed extraordinary spiritual powers by using ancient methods to receive fame and fortune in America. The bad news is, they don't tell all. They give partial information to keep others dependent on spiritual leaders. The people have the same powers as the leader, but he makes them think he has the true direct connection to God, like many cult leaders from India. So they keep giving him millions of dollars for his prayers and a few crumbs of wisdom from the bible or metaphysics, like Rev Ike used to do back in the 70's. Some people get results if they develop their own inner power and set goals, but most are content with a pep talk every week, pay their tithes, or just show up for the show. There is a powerful ancient teaching available that can conquer anything, but not many receive it or are ready for it.

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    Dave36posted 3 years ago

    Yeah & i bet many churches would take their last penny, it just amazes me how rich the Vatican is while kids are dying of starvation..I honestly believe that religious fanatics are brainwashed people, & i feel sorry for kids brought up by religious fanatics..By the way I'm neither black, an atheist or religious, & i don't even see myself as white either..Iv'e worked in nearly 40 countries so i know for a fact, that people are the same where "ever" you go..(just like the song aye)..It seems highly probable & logical to me, that we did originate from Africa..Then started to travel the world, & set up home in other countries..As we did we changed & evolved to look slightly different due to our surroundings /weather/food etc, just like domesticated dogs have from the mongrel dog..If you look into the mongrel dog your'l find, it is actually the fittest specimen of a dog there could be..Then you look at an African Athlete/sport star etc, & you find "their" the fittest specimen of a human there could be..Then (probably) some of those people in each country got lazy, & thought i know i'll force someone else to do my work, or I'll steal there's etc..Then it all went to s**t, & gangs/groups/religions/governments/armies etc we're born....I have worked throughout the states over the years & worked with a lot of black guys, & the thing that did strike me at the time was actually how religious they was..I worked many times in Texas, & was really shocked at how racist the white guys we're....Man definitely in my opinion started all religions, & if you go back in time long enough there we're no religions at all..So when ever eventually anything was written/recorded on the subject, it must have been up until that point "hear say", which isn't admissible in court so case dropped, & court adjourned on the question of god etc....Saying all that & just for big bang believers (aka god haters)..I actually reckon that the universe is god's mind, & can't be anything else..God created us all in his own image which was thought, bearing in mind God is a mind himself in this theory..I mean if god does exist he can't have a body can he?, because if he did what would be on the outside of his body?..OR am i smoking too much weed?..Be honest now!lol...I will say i felt something once, which led me to start knowing if you like..Iv'e got the feeling that god does exist somehow, & if i keep open to all possibilities I'll know one day.

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    Chasing Wordsposted 3 years ago

    There are new movements in the African American community that paint Jesus as African American to create a sense of pride. They argue for melatonin in the skin as superior to light colored skin, and that one of the original tribes of Israel was African American. Then these groups try to argue that they are the last tribe of Israel rediscovered. The challenge is scripture does not mention the skin color of Christ, because it does not matter. In all likelihood the tribes of Israel and Christ were olive colored, but does it matter?

    These groups also argue that the European community changed Christ's skin color from black to white in artwork to keep the black man under thumb. I disagree with this philosophy. People are people and people interpret history based on their understanding, but the goal is seldom to hold another culture down. Be careful not to fall prey to one of these groups, like the Hebrew Israelites, because they are doing the same thing they accuse their European counterparts of doing to them. Their teachings sound like the truth on the surface, but are twisted and a lie at the core. The Bible does not support their beliefs.

    Scripture did not mention the color of skin because not matter. Many Caucasian Americans live in poverty for the same reasons that you stated concerning the African American community, but does that mean that it is an opiate or a choice?  Are these people any less "saved" because they are poor?

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    Say Yes To Lifeposted 3 years ago

    In my case, the church has been mostly helpful when I was a child.  I attended a Christian high school, thus escaping violence-riddled Oakland public schools; it saved my life.  I also attended a church-run summer camp for 8 glorious summers; many of my best memories were made there.

    As an adult, I have not fared so well.  True, when I lived in Seattle, the church got me out of some really nasty situations, and my church in Silicon Valley was also wonderfully supportive.  But I now live on the Big Island of Hawaii, where the church is a corrupt cult.  Even when I tried to save my high school from closing, the school board got all flaky and let it fall apart.  All they had to do was copy and distribute the letter I wrote them, to get money from the alumni, and they didn't even do that!

    Regarding Jesus' race - He was an Arab.  The Bible clearly states that.  He had the appearance of a Middle Eastern Jew, which means olive skin and black wooly hair.  So He was midway between black and white.  BTW, He spoke Aramaic, not 16th century English, which didn't even exist in His day!