What are the 6 ways that Scorpio can be aptly described as the darkest zodiac si

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    gmwilliamsposted 2 years ago

    What are the 6 ways that Scorpio can be aptly described as the darkest zodiac sign?


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    fake, calculative, back stabbing, unfaithful, manipulative, self centered, ego centrical… I have to stop here.  Sorry for the good Scorpios out there, the ascendant does have an effect, but this is an observation of 30 something years of relatives and friends.

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    (1) Scorpios are unafraid to explore topics and areas which others consider to be forbidden or taboo. They assert that there is so such thing as a forbidden or taboo subject.  They maintain that in order to grow and evolve, one must explore subjects and experience things which conventional culture and society consider to be forbidden and taboo.  Besides, they strongly contend that forbidden and taboo are merely societal and man-made constraints.

    (2) Scorpios are fascinated with death. They do not fear death at all.  They wonder what is the fuss about death.  They see death as a fact and part of life.  They furthermore view death as evolvement of the human consciousness into a different state. They view death as just....IS.

    (3) Scorpios are mysterious people.  They exude an aura of mysterious magnetism which draws and attracts others.  Others want to know them; however, the former can never really know them.  They have THAT GIFT of never fully revealing themselves which drives others totally crazy.  Others wonder who is Scorpio really?  Only Scorpios really know for sure.

    (4) Scorpios are truly .....dark.  They love things which others are afraid or queasy about.  They are not afraid to explore their subconscious or their innermost selves.  They know that they have shadow aspects of their personalities.  They also are not afraid of the dark.  The dark invigorates them.  They see the dark as a time of silence and to reflect. 

    (5) Scorpios furthermore view the dark as a time to really feel.  They and the dark ARE ONE.  They contend that they are their true selves in the dark.  As was said before, Scorpios love to do things which society feel are forbidden, even suspect.  However, to Scorpios, such things are considered to be normal. 

    (6) Scorpios have a foreboding reputation.  One can say that Scorpios' reputations precede them.  They are not ones to suffer fools gladly.  They also not ones to be trifled with.  One can fool and trifle with Scorpio at his/her own peril.  The Scorpio sting can be quite venomous-so BEWARE- BEWARE!