What are the ways that both Scorpio & Pisces can be classified as EXTREME signs?

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    gmwilliamsposted 3 years ago

    What are the ways that both Scorpio & Pisces can be classified as EXTREME signs?


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    ChristinSposted 3 years ago

    I'm a Scorpio and frankly I think we aren't as bad as we are made out to be.  Most of the extreme traits assigned to us are ones I don't necessarily agree with.    I do have a secretive nature, but I'm an introvert.  To read most things about Scorpios you'd think we are all sneaky, manipulative liars.  I'm not, most of the Scorpios I know are pretty honest too.

    I'm a deeply passionate person and  I do have a very strong intuition - another trait often assigned to Scorpios.  My emotions influence but do not drive my actions though; I tend to think before I act.  Scorpios are also said to be jealous and pretty much described as narcissists. I'm definitely more of a lone wolf and like to do things on my own.   I am not jealous of other women etc.  I don't know - some horoscope things ring true, but others just don't.  I really don't find myself to be extreme in any quality - except for perhaps I am a bit of an extreme non-conformist.  I do what I want, not what others expect of me or tell me I "should" do etc.  I have always had a strong sense of individualism.  Of course, all of my immediate family members share that trait and I'm the lone Scorpio.

    The only Pisces person I knew well was my grandmother and I don't know that her sign had much to do with it, but she was very controlled.  She was the only person I ever knew who could smoke one cigarette per day and never had an addiction. She just stopped doing it one day and never looked back.  She was so controlling she'd have never tolerated an addiction lol.

    She had very meticulously clean habits and took very good care of herself.  She served others and was a nurse, but never let herself go she had good balance in life that seemed to come natural.  When she decided to be mean she could be cruel and if she turned on you she really turned on you, but mostly she was extremely controlled. She seemed at times to be overly concerned what others thought of her, her family, her home etc.  She was also rarely affectionate with anyone - even the people she loved.  She cringed if you tried to hug her things like that, but she would do anything for you.  She was unusual.  Not sure if those are Pisces characteristics or not lol - but those were her extremes.

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    Sri Tposted 3 years ago


    Astrology is built upon false suggestions. When I first learned my sign, I did not identify with those traits. I felt like someone's ideas were being projected on me. A sort of conditioning. Later I was glad to find out that was exactly the case. Because of the complex nature of astrology and the intensity of the ancient cultures such as the Egyptians, people have bought into it. But if they transcend all notions and suggestions from the outer and from men, they will see the truth. The truth will set them free. Once again, they have been tricked by their fellow men. It's like taking in a religion as truth or reality and not looking at the source or who created it in the backroom. Once I saw it was just entertainment, I had a good laugh. People running around saying I'm this or I'm that, based on a calender of time that doesn't really exist. If the calender is false, the months are concepts that have no true existence.  Which means there can be no point of reference. Time/months are illusions, made by men.  What is March, November, or June? And then they attach behaviors and inborn traits to them? I discovered that it's better to be free than to attach one's self to the complex psychological suggestions and theories of primitive people. Clear thinking is better than being confined in a box. Some people may enjoy the box or even be proud of it. They have not really looked at it deep enough. It becomes autosuggestions. For fun, it's ok, but one must be careful of what suggestions, qualities or burdens they are taking on from the outside. They are taking on limitations without knowing it. The ancients are claiming people are born that way, under that sign, which means it is fixed with no escape. Not a good place to be in.