Why should we believe in God ?

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  1. swalia profile image81
    swaliaposted 3 years ago

    Why should we believe in God ?

  2. poppyr profile image93
    poppyrposted 3 years ago

    It's 2015, you're not really expected to believe in God if you don't believe in him unless you're part of a community which forces you to obey the religion.
    In most western societies, you can choose what to believe when presented with evidence and arguments. Do you believe you "should" believe in God?

  3. getitrite profile image77
    getitriteposted 3 years ago


    I'm pretty sure that I was taught that I should believe in God because the bible says I should...and AUTHORITY agrees with the bible.  But I, now, know that the more reasonable position is to only believe in things that have evidence to support it, lest we become slaves to the will of AUTHORITY.

  4. Austinstar profile image84
    Austinstarposted 3 years ago

    If you are asking yourself this question, it means that you are questioning the existence of god in the first place.
    I did a hub on the benefits of being religious. Basically, people believe in god because they have been told to believe in god. The benefits are only found in community and "fellowship". Most people like being part of a group. The keep assuring themselves that they have not been lied to and that they will go to heaven when they die if they will only "believe" and have "blind faith" that this will happen.
    Unfortunately, there is no real, verifiable proof that god or heaven actually exists. This raises the question, "Why should we believe in God?"
    You will have to find your own reasons. If they work for you, then you have found your answer.

  5. Hazel Abee profile image71
    Hazel Abeeposted 3 years ago

    Its up to an individual weather they want to believe in the existence of God or not. In the recent years the fight for religion and God has increased and looks like it can be the reason for end of human.

    I am a believer in a Power beyond our imagination because our being is so well executed. And yes, I belong to a community of believer in certain religion and God.

    I believe that people who lead life of good Moral and Ethics do not need to embrace any religion or pray to any God.

  6. connorj profile image80
    connorjposted 3 years ago

    I certainly don't believe in God/dog (backwards) because I have been told to believe in God. There certainly is a sense of community and "fellowship" that is indeed true. I have certainly found that the Sacraments have served me well, strengthened my marriage and saved my life... I wrote a hub about my close call to God, titled, There & Back (Part Deaux).
    With a discerning and contemplative mind I also have concluded that what aethiests and others conclude are coincidences are indeed the proverbial Hand of God. As one with a significantly close-call to the other-side, with the aid of Sacraments, many unusual,significant and most timely interventions by the proverbial Hand of God that continue to this day, I certainly could not fathom how God is not by my side and I believe He is by your side too. More than anything, as I work for Him (unknowingly, as a mere pawn) I notice His work more than ever now... I was hit by a drunk driver, yet unknowingly I was a the stumbling block, another hub you should peruse. Last week I was on a ride-along with our county Sheriff in a lower socio-economic area when a lady in a "beat-up" minivan pulled up and shouted, "you are John, you gave me Communion last week at Florida Hospital, I simply pointed the way out of the neighborhood and she left...

    1. Austinstar profile image84
      Austinstarposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      I was in Intensive Care and near death last summer. Not for one second did I imagine "god's" presence. I'm grateful to the Dr. and Rns that saved my life even though I wished for death. I'm still an athiest and not afraid to die.

    2. connorj profile image80
      connorjposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      God's Speed to you...


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