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What is the universal paradigm of selfishness?

  1. Sumanika Nagar profile image61
    Sumanika Nagarposted 2 years ago

    What is the universal paradigm of selfishness?

    Being selfish is the very basic human nature. It keeps pounding with every desire. But which such common greed has made selfishness a single characteristic to bring the entire human race under one roof??

  2. keepitnatural profile image70
    keepitnaturalposted 2 years ago

    I disagree, I would say my nature is completely selfless & there are plenty of others like myself out there. I think of others needs before my own & quite naturally donate my time & any other assistance without considering myself in times where the needs of are strong & genuine.
    I do see that, however, the main part of the human race (where they have opportunity) is very money driven & often become over-consumed by the want for 'more' as in 'money' & items displaying wealth & monetary status.
    Therefore I would say that those of egotistic mentality are selfish in their lifelong drive & quest for money & recognition for being wealthy are the ones you refer to. It has become a natural human response to always want 'more' in this sense.
    Surely all we really seek is LOVE, as approval of others for your riches means nothing when you have nobody to share your life & what they offer with!? I know I would choose 'happiness' over money any day as this is one thing money can't buy.

  3. Sumanika Nagar profile image61
    Sumanika Nagarposted 2 years ago

    dear @keepitnatural - i don't deny the fact that altruists still live in our world.. otherwise this piece of oval(earth) would not have been more than a land of gases.
    As you have quoted in your second para about the money-mindedness of people;my question justifies all sort of selfishness...
    You love someone, or take it the other way round, someone loves you. Doesn't they expect the same from you or you from them... if there was no selfishness at all in love ,there wouldn't have been murders or suicides in love.
    Same way, it applies to all sort of life factors.
    Yes!!! there are 'N' number of good souls like you and me who preserve love and affection above money.
    But again we can keep monetary gains secondary but can't disapprove of it completely...
    I believe this is the only aspect which makes us Human. Otherwise there would not have been the need of GOD....

    1. keepitnatural profile image70
      keepitnaturalposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Ok...If you're in love someone & they don't feel the same about you then perhaps it isn't really 'love' in the first place? Some people can't 'deal' with situations that happen.
      I agree, in this World £ enables us to do many things even see the W