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Who Is God and Where Did He Come From

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    sethlposted 21 months ago

    Who Is God and Where Did He Come From

    Just asking

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    thetruthhelperposted 21 months ago

    I've discovered this pretty recently. I understand it. I'll give you the link to read the book on this site called The Present. It speaks the truth http://truthcontest.com/

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    peter565posted 21 months ago

    Much like the gods of all other religion, Christ is the constructed product of human culture, to make sense of the world and sometime might include mythology story which might or might not be base on real events. Some religion element have a certain level of truth to it, others are way off. For example many religion speak of reincarnation, today this have been proven as true, to a certain extend by science. What we know from modern biology is that human brain and nerve system, run on electricity just like all of your household appliance. But energy cannot be created or destroy, but only transform from one form to another. So, the energy our brain and nerve use, come from external source they enter our body at birth, it would remain there till we die, then it would convert into other form of energy and leave our body, till one day, it enter a new host. This sort of transfer, influence ancient humans, who notice it and without understand what it is, they interpret it as reincarnation. The concept of shape shifting, emerge from Tibet, modern archeologist realized, amount lost Tibet knowledge, they know about DNA over 1000 years ago and know if we can manipulate it, it can cause shape shift, but back then, they don't have the technology to maniupulate DNA like we do, today. That is where the concept of shape shift come from. The concept of wizard using magic staff, emerged during the 13th century, when Mongols invaded Europe, by that stage, Asia was already using earliest rifles, Europe still use bow and arrows and that help inspire the concept of wizard using staff in the west. Vampire is inspire by a brutal 14th century warlord that is known to kill enemy in a brutal fashion and drink their blood, defeated enemy had the choice of been killed or to serve in his army, it was also inspire by an European noble who drink young women's blood believing it would keep her beauty and youth, until the outrage King, arrested and executed her for her action.

    Christ, is the creation of human culture, also.

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    Oztinatoposted 21 months ago

    The definition of God includes "that which has no begining". This means that God is the only definition that fulfils this requirement. Scientifically this has enormous importance because there is no other description of such a phenomena available. For example when science reaches the point where an answer is needed to explain what existed prior to the Big Bang the only definition available is God ie that which has no begining.

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      vink21778posted 21 months agoin reply to this

      I am agree with you,Oztinato.GOD is one who has neither beginning nor end.He is smaller than an atom ,he is larger than this universe. We can never see him, but we can only feel him.Feel him in the mother's love, father's hug,unconditional  service.

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    Angele Parrisposted 21 months ago

    When I was a child, one day in Sunday school we had to recite the Apostle’s creed - which starts “I believe in God the father Almighty”, individually. When it got to my turn, I just could not remember the words. The other children had to prompt me every step of the way as to what came next.
    I am sure those present will remember the incident, because for several weeks, I was reminded that I did not know the Apostle’s creed, which the congregation had to repeat in church every Sunday. The reason for mentioning this incident in this forum of “Who is God and where did He come from”, is , that people tend to get all philosophical when explaining the existence of God.
    I have had several experiences with the supernatural throughout my life.  There is a scripture in the bible which states –“ In my father’s house are many mansions’.
    At a young age I relocated from Springfield in Clarendon Jamaica, to Race Course. At the time we moved we had a house in Race Course, rented to teachers. I remember the house had no  indoor bathroom, but there were bathroom facilities not attached to the house.  In order to build the new house, the old house was torn down.
    I was taken back to this property by a “spirit”. The spirit told me that by keeping the old house, and building a new house on the property, we could have generated more income.  The new house had a maid’s room attached to the back of the house. The spirit showed me how instead building a new house with a maid’s room, the new three-bedroom house could have easily been built as a four, five, or six bedroom house.  He further stressed that instead of tearing the old house to build another house, how successive generations could keep adding to the present structure.
    p.s.sadI also remember that there was a rule,  that one could add to house in a particular direction). I cannot remember which one.
    He showed me how the acre of  land could have been divided into four sections, with each section bearing fruits in the different seasons. The spirit was talking about trees that could bear many fruits at one time.  I remember we had drums to collect water that actually burst because they got too full of water. However, the spirit showed me how the water pressure in the house could have been increased by collecting the water in drums before going to the house, rather than connecting the water system directly to the community system.
    We also had vegetables planted in elevated drums cut in half.  The spirit showed me multiple drums where vegetables could be reaped and replanted as needed.

    The question is "Who is God, and Where did He come from" - just asking. I believe that there are multiple gods.- choose which one you will worship.