You believe that something in you survives death, something eternal? If yes expl

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    vveaseyposted 20 months ago

    You believe that something in you survives death, something eternal? If yes explain, If no explain

    You believe there's a spirit in you. If you believe this how did you come into this belief? What evidence or experiences, convinces you that's true? If you don't believe it. What evidence convinces you that that's not true?

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    Say Yes To Lifeposted 20 months ago

    I was raised to believe in life after death.  I was taught when people die, they go to sleep, and are awakened when Christ returns.  The good are awakened when He returns the second time, and are taken to heaven.  The evil are awakened when He returns the third time, and are destroyed with the Earth.  Then the New Earth will be remade, and the good will dwell there forever.
    Though my religious beliefs have changed, I still believe in life after death.  I have read lots of stories of near-death experiences that support this belief.  I have my own experience towards this end;  I once heard someone's voice when I was on my way to visit him in the hospital.  When I arrived, I discovered he had died 3 hours earlier.  Later, his brother told me when he got the call from the hospital, he had immediately driven there, and he heard his voice saying, "Tell mom I'm in a better place."

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    Ericdierkerposted 20 months ago

    There is this really cool story in the Bible. Jesus dies and is resurrected. He miraculously appears in the flesh to his closest buddies on earth. This guy named Thomas, for whom the term doubting Thomas was dubbed, will not believe unless he physically with his senses touches the known wounds of Jesus. Then Jesus points out that it is easy to believe when you have perceived through the senses. But it is way cool to believe with something other than our bodily senses.
    This makes any thinking folk come to realize that there is more to us than just our body and mind. Of course we have to slow down and decide if this is true for us.
    If we conclude that it is, then the next logical query is "does this something else necessarily die when we do?" The answer is a question; "Why would it?" Somehow I am more than the combination of all my physical attributes and my thoughts. The whole includes this thing that is not tangible and not of our conditioned beliefs of reality. There is this spirit that resides within us that ions of time have not been able to prove is born or dies. And in fact we do not even need a God to point that out for us.