What is the best vision for a new man or woman?

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    Chandrashashiposted 18 months ago

    What is the best vision for a new man or woman?


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    manatita44posted 18 months ago

    Acceptance and tolerance, as well as a vast and open view of thinking, will allow us to believe that the answer lies in individual choice. I may give £500,000 to four people, each his share, but in four years one may be a millionaire and the others paupers.

    Again, what is a new man or woman? Perhaps perception will decide. One may feel that it is a born again Christian; another simply someone who has transformed his ways. Yet for a third it may be an inner awakening, a new dawn.

    From the standpoint of my last answer, the best vision could be to seek for meaning; a quest for purpose in life. For the born again, it could signify a new relationship with Christ. For someone who has transformed his ways, it will probably be staying out of prison; honesty... a striving to live a more upright family, work and social life.

    Finally, life's purpose/vision is to be an an instrument of 'Something Higher' to praise; to glorify or adulate ... to seek for meaning ... to Love ... although in this sojourn one may have many trials and sometimes feel pain. All a part of the struggle. Om Shanti!