Any Feng Shui tips to increase artistic inspiration?

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    Robie Benveposted 12 months ago

    Any Feng Shui tips to increase artistic inspiration?

    Is the visual business in my art studio a problem for my artistic creativity? I feel like I need all the things to be out and in sight, I hate having to dig for them in cabinets or drawers when I need something. But could this visual confusion be detrimental to my artistic inspiration?
    What can I do, using feng shui suggestions and tips, to improve the energy in my painting studio?
    Can feng shui help me make the changes to stop procrastinating and spending too much time at the computer, not enough time working on my art?

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    Azizi527posted 12 months ago

    In dang shui it's all about energy, no clutter. You want to make your space clear enough for the creative energy to flow thru freely. To much can cause chaos and confusion. I always say everything has a home. Take the most used or your favorite artistic visuals and hang them on the wall maybe just one or two. For the rest put them away somewhere where they will be accessible but not directly out in the open. If you must have a pile of anything make sure it is nice and neat, organized and in a corner or in the closet. Less is better. When working also try listening to meditation music like water running or any kind of instrumental soft music that works for you to create a peaceful and serene environment. I suggest before you start working take a minute and cleanse yourself maybe with white flowers or if you have a favorite and pass them all over your body. This process will pick up any negative vibration you have picked up from others. Place water around the house one cup in each room and change the waters every week. You can change your visuals every week as long as you don't put them all out.  You can also cleanse the house once a week to clear any negative vibration in your home, using incense and NO dark colors, your work area should have light colors, white, off white, sky blue, or yellow. Hope this helps smile

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      Robie Benveposted 12 months agoin reply to this

      Thanks for your suggestions, today I'll start working on the clutter and opening up a path for the energy flow, and then I'll go from there. smile