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Why do we dream?

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    snapcracklepopposted 14 months ago

    Why do we dream?

    Biological, chemical imbalances, and even demonic entities can cause us to dream.

    The Bible also gives us a simply clear explanation concerning why we dream.
    The Bible book of Ecclesiastes, chapter 5 and verses 3 and 7 explains: "For a dream comes from to many preoccupations...." Verse 7 says something similar: "For just as many preoccupations lead to dreams...."

    Whatever a person is mentally and emotionally preoccupied with or whatever is heavy on a person's mind and heart, this is what they will dream about while asleep.
    Some may dream about a dear  friend or family member who has died.

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    dandelionweedsposted 14 months ago

    Interesting yes, I think of it this way as well- Just like our stomach digests our food, our brain and mind digests the daily things.  Also our fears and stresses and sometimes we even figure out solutions to problems.  The old saying, "Sleep on it", this helps us make better decisions.

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      snapcracklepopposted 2 months agoin reply to this

      Love your answer/reply! The old saying: "Sleep on it" definitely applies smile