Why Are So Many Christians Running From The Hurricane Here In Florida?

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  1. wrenchBiscuit profile image79
    wrenchBiscuitposted 17 months ago

    Why  Are So Many Christians Running From The Hurricane Here In Florida?

    The United States is said to be a Christian nation. If that were true, it seems people would be running toward the hurricane instead of away from it. After all, a hurricane provides a direct route to heaven. I'm staying right here in Florida. I am not afraid of death for I am immortal. We cannot "save our lives". We can only live our lives until we die.  All of them who are now running are cowards and hypocrites! They do not believe in God or eternal life, as they only cling to the flesh. When  the great whirlwind comes I will step outside, curse the gods, and crow like a rooster!


  2. lovemychris profile image62
    lovemychrisposted 17 months ago

    I feel the same way about abortion. If a fetus is aborted, it returns straight into the arms of god instead of growing into a person and into this hell which is earth. Is this not righr? Should they not welcome abortion? It too, is a direct route to heaven.

    1. lovemychris profile image62
      lovemychrisposted 17 months agoin reply to this

      Religion makes no sense. My grandfather would say huracan is a powerful god. ( its actually a goddess)

    2. wrenchBiscuit profile image79
      wrenchBiscuitposted 17 months agoin reply to this

      Hurricanes come out of the Earth for a reason. I understand the survival instinct, but more people get killed on highways than in hurricanes. People who really believe in heaven, especially over the age of 50, look forward to death. They don't run.

  3. celafoe profile image60
    celafoeposted 17 months ago

    Probably because they actually have a brain and the God given wisdom to use it.    Staying for such a hurricane as this without a direct instruction from God is tempting God and utterly foolish.    WE are not to tempt Gd and he does not tempt us, he has allowed satan that job.    God gave us a free will and a brain and expects us to use both.    I suppose you also would stand still if an out of control car was heading directly at you? 
    God gave man 70 years and says some may get less and some more but no where does He tell us to foolishly give ourself less but of course that is each individuals  choice because of the free will.   ,of course God can protect you in the middle of the storm but when we have such an advance warning WISDOM says get out.    Scripture says wisdom is imparted by God and it is not man's wisdom it is talking about.

    Prov 1:7  7 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, But fools despise wisdom and instruction.
    Prov 10:13  3 Wisdom is found on the lips of him who has understanding,
    Prov 10:21  21 The lips of the righteous feed many, But fools die for lack of wisdom.

    The man in whom is the Spirit of  God  knows these things and understands the ways of God but those who depend on their intellect are devoid of the Spirit of God and do not have truth because only He can give it to us.   
    Those that are filled with the Spirit of God are told by the Spirit what to do in EVERY SITUATION if thy ask, and that is their protection.    Causing your self to die  earlier than God plans for is suicide and not of God.
    So many professing to be Christians  do foolish things because they are not filled with the Spirit and rely on their own intellect.    Then they say God did not protect me--but He was under no obligation to protect you unless he has instructed you to do what ever you are doing.   
    Many so called missionaries go where men send them without an order from God and return, broken shells because they were not prepared for the Job--because God was not the one who equipped and sent them.
    In every step of life true disciples of Christ  must be led by the Spirit of God or we are acting on our own and  God owes and gives NO protection to those who do so.

    you can believe whatever you wish     What any any man  thinks HAS NO ETERNAL VALUE unless It aligns with scripture.     

    Conclusion::  wisdom says get out unless God tells you to stay, then He is obligated to protect you--His way.

    1. wrenchBiscuit profile image79
      wrenchBiscuitposted 17 months agoin reply to this

      A coward will always have an excuse to be a coward. Christians don't have a monopoly on God; neither do the Muslims or the Jews. Anyone who believes in an afterlife would not run from a storm unless they have children. God was here before Columbus.

    2. celafoe profile image60
      celafoeposted 17 months agoin reply to this

      how ridiculous.   You clearly have never been led into danger and protected by God because he equipped and sent you.    Nor have you ever been told by God not to go and later seen why.    because you clearly are not filled with the Holy Spirit of God

    3. Ivan Tod profile image61
      Ivan Todposted 17 months agoin reply to this

      The bible says god limited mans life to 120 years, not 70. Anyway, I guess all the christians in Florida will do as they always do...Throw their belief to the wayside and run for their lives, which is the smart thing to do.

    4. wrenchBiscuit profile image79
      wrenchBiscuitposted 17 months agoin reply to this

      Of course I am filled with the spirit of God. I do not need your approval. You have no idea about my purpose here. If you have a crystal ball you should get a refund. I am not a coward and I will not run. I don't fear death. In death there is peace.

    5. celafoe profile image60
      celafoeposted 17 months agoin reply to this

      IT- scripture says 70 yrs Ps 90:10 The days of our lives are seventy years; And if by reason of strength they are eighty years. Gen 5:3  Adam lived one hundred and thirty years, and begot a son . Gen 5:5
      Adam lived 930 yrs. 70 yr is 1 generation


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