What does "Energy of Higher Truth" mean to you?

  1. SparklingJewel profile image77
    SparklingJewelposted 9 years ago

    Usually when someone speaks of an "energy of higher Truth" they could be defining their perspective of God, Dharma, Tao, Elohim, etc...
    From my studies, these represent Love, Joy, Kindness, Compassion, adoration for the natural order (respect for Mother Nature), nature of being, highest levels of consciousness, respect for all beings, etc...not the antithesis thereof.

    I believe it is important to hold one's consciousness in these higher realms of attitude to keep not only self in a positive mood, but also adds to the total mass consciousness of the people on the planet. The planet needs to vibrate at a faster rate of consciousness to progress/evolve maintain her health, hence be of benefit to humanity.

    People either create unpleasant attitudes and actions and slower vibration, causing the earth to be ill (natural catastrophes at the worst) or pleasant attitudes and actions and higher vibration that brings calm and beauty. People are either like cancer cells in her body or can be like white blood cells keeping her immunity system strong.
    I want to be a happy white blood cell that eats cancer cells...what about you???

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    sandra rinckposted 9 years ago

    Energy of higher truth means to me that,  we are God soul energy, or a make up of unbelievable things. 

    I belive that stars are Gods Jewels and the most beautiful creations so far besides us, and all those things are given to us to marvel understand, appreciate, and adore as loving gifts from the God above. 

    I believe we are so undeniable puny, the lowest of the low, the accidental creation of God, that God doesn't just have mercy on us, but He found out He loved us, and granted all things to his children,which is us so we could now how beautifiul creationism is.

    I believe all the energy we use and discover, is also Gods gift so that we can create things just like Him, though we will never come close to what God can do, we do indeed have the powers of God and all he asked is that we not get to excessive, that whatever we use, we put back. 

    Just like his son, just like the Earth, just like the water, trees, oil, whatever you could possibly need was promised and given to us as Gods gift.

    I believe death, now, is as much our right as birth, and if I didn't die, I would not be able to realease the stored energy of my soul, which I also believe, is the greatest source of energy created by God, God Energy.  smile

    I believe it is better to believe in all things, great small, ugly, mean, beautiful whatever, as long as you always believe it from God. 

    Every number, every combination, every element, every fraction, every smile, every tear, every molocule, every atom, every water dropplet, every idea, every notion, every thing, and in that everything is the total is Nothing.  Because only God can concieve of nothing, the mass Energy created in God itself out of nothing.  Whatever this nothing is, does not exist, but it does exist.  smile  The Nothing Energy of God, that no man, women, child God like Jesus, will ever, ever, ever be able to recreate, not now, not in the future, not in God, out of God, with God, beside God.  That is His because I will never know what nothing is, how much energy nothing stores and why we even came up with such a trivial idea of what nothing is.

  3. Inertia profile image45
    Inertiaposted 9 years ago

    I am sure that the thought will ripple through conciousness,it was well said.In my opinion.