The Third Judgement Day is coming........!!!!!!!!

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    Lord Aganusposted 7 years ago

    First Judgement, Gods killed all dinosaurs with H5N1.
    Second Judgement, Gods destroyed the Atlantis with Tsunami and Earth quake, because they can heal themselves.
    Third Judgement, Gods will not punish human with Tsunami and Earth quake, unless we accept the punishment with viral infection.

    So most of you have already known of 2012 prediction. But have you ever found anyone who advise that we have better let Gods decrease the population by virus more than by earth quake? What would happen if there's no big epidemic happened in Europe sometime ago?

    There are at least three methods which can wipe out all the dinosaurs from this world, viral or bacteria infection, comet or asteroid, volcano eruption. Whatever cause it was, the result was that there must be about 100 millions bony structures of dinosaur scattering around the world. But all the dinosaur bony structures we have found worldwide nowadays is only about 100.
    Do you believe that all the oil that we consume more than 500 million liters per day resulted from the accumulation of dinosaur corpses? If you believe this fact you should imagine that there must be millions of dinosaur bony structures at the bottom of every oil well. So does it mean that after the massacre of dinosaurs there's someone (not somebody) who dig many big holes around this globe and moved all dinosaur corpses to those oil wells? Do I have to tell you who performed that miracle?

    I have been atheist since my teenage. But now I dare to say that I know the truth of Gods more than anyone in the world history. For the past five years I have experienced many dozens of miracles. The most importance is that I had seen 7 Gods twice and Shri Vishnu once. The latter played sitar while flying at supersonic speed! Each God sits on a lotus which floating on the different size of globe of golden cosmic substance.
    I used to laugh at many tales from scriptures, bibles etc., especially those Hindu Gods stories. In fact some are true, but there's a lot of mistakes. Why?
    There're only two methods which Gods and Demigods (only sit on a lotus but no golden globe) often use to give information to us, through our dream (mainly in the Western people) or meditation (mainly in the Eastern people). Other method is by channeling, but this method is not solely by God and Demigod, other divine, deva (stand on lotus and no golden globe), archangel, angel and even ghost, can perform this action. Altogether in the Spirit matrix the number of Gods and Demigods is about 20. Please notice that I don't use the word 'Heaven matrix' because divine, ghost, evil all share the same matrix. Thus there's no hell.
    Jesus is neither God nor God's son. Shri Ganesh and Shri Hanuman is the 6th and 7th God who ascended more than 500,000 years, 200,000 years ago. So now you know the five class of divine and some of their profiles. Exactly I will be surprised if you believe me. And if you don't believe, you should stop reading now.

    The error of information in any scripture is due mainly to wrong interpretation, especially a dream was always interfered with data stored in our memory. Though information during meditation is more accurate, it's can not be a very long event, such as the picture of Adam&Eve&snake, witch etc. I also got a lot of information though meditation which let me know that God created this Earth in 7 steps. Each step was finished within a few seconds or minutes.

    These are the major reasons why there're a lot of errors in Western and Eastern scripture. Not to mention many errors deliberately added on by many bad religious leaders who are eager of power, sex and money. Sometimes those humbugs had to create many stories to reply the doubtfulness of those evangelists;
    1.Jesus died for our sin. In fact the reason that Jesus died on cross is the same as Jon of Arc was killed by fire.
    2.God helped Israelites across the Red sea by raising the sea. In fact God can destroy or remove the whole planet in a few minutes. God would not spend more than 10 hours waiting those people to walk across the sea. But God moved all of them across the sea in a few seconds. I experienced the moving power of Gods at least 5 times. I was removed out of this matrix to another and come back again. This technic is nearly perfect.  Believe or not, Gods can also edit our recent memory, probably over millions people at a time. After that big emigrate, those Israelites didn't even know that they were moved across the sea.
    Do you notice that all the comets found in the Universe must come back to our solar system? Because they were thrown away from here by Gods. The origins of those comets are the 3 destroyed planets in our solar system.
    3.Shri Ganesh is Shri Shiva's son. In fact five Gods never have any family, gender or born in our world. They have no face, only 2 eyes, multiple arms but no finger.

    God also gave me the information of 9/11 event through my dream 6 months before it really happened, At that time I thought it's only a nightmare. This clearly means that God does not interfere with Bin Ladin action. But it doesn't mean that God supports Bin Ladin either, think wisely.
    Another information which I got nearly 2 years ago, was the stunning big crack on the moon. It's about 3/4 of the moon diameter in length with deep brick color. You won't believe that God removed all atmosphere of the moon within 20 seconds. I don't know that it is the bloody moon, until I read the criteria of Judgement Day in the early of this year.

    I hope this should be enough to explain why should we accept the viral infection.

    7 Gods bless you.