Doing Research on the Spiritual Realm

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    christ4everposted 7 years ago

    I have just added a HubPage in lieu of the current time of year (Halloween). You can find it through my Profile Page and look at it accordingly.

    This Hub is also is my own personal testimony and account of what I participated in as a "bystander" and am able to now bare witness to in my restored relationship with God and Jesus Christ.

    I am NOT here to promote this HubPage, but am looking for like-minded Christian people who have similar testimonials to share about the same Topic = proof of the existence of the Spirit Realm --> Peganism, witchcraft, and polytheistic worship practices associated with and documenting the same phenomena.

    I am compiling stories and Testimonials for a future article on the subject, so please indicate at the bottom of your post if you are willing to share your story with the "general public" and likewise willing to use your "real" name and country/state of origin in that article.

    Thank you very much.